Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paaaaaanjang ceritanyeee~~

there's a lot of things to share..
but no time to do so..
i miss my life as a normal student..
4 now, i just believe..
all dat i do now, is 4 my own future..
learn 2 be better n useful 2 others..
eventhough i feel kinda useless almost everytime..

i know da risk dat i've took..
but da responsibility, i can't just let it go..
if i do, there's a lot more people will suffer in the future..
i do love da spirit dat my family and my friends gave me..
they never give up, so why should i??
keep supporting me, no matter how obnoxious i am..

there's a long more way to go..
pray 4 me, so i can stand still n be a better me..

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