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Thursday, September 16, 2010

long time no see..

Huh..sgt2 lama dah x update blog..
smpai ada sorg sahabat tegur, hehehe..
hmm..byk mnde nk tulis..

where 2 start??

Today, lots of 'open house'..
'open house' ke?? bley dikira ope house la..
ada kt gombak, saudara-mara kt sg buloh n sg long..
then, siti ajak g umah bee..
at last, decided 2 skip gombak n went 2 bee's house..

b4 abah n others went 2 gombak,
they sent me 2 ampang first..
pepper sambut ketibaan tetamu kehormat..
hehehe..pepper n ginger are s0o cute~
[pepper + ginger 2 kitten bee]
first things after entering bee's house was
EAT!!! hahaha..lots of kuih raya~
Siti sgt excited smpai ke ampang..haha...
sronok2 walaupun xramai, dpt sembang2..
we ate spaghetti, bih0on, ayam goreng n cocktail..

otw 2 bee's house,
i asked bee..easiest way 2 reach her house..
she explained...blablablabla...

"keep going straight till u see a football field, then turn left"
"orang biasa terlajak ke jln watan 7"

so, i told my father about what bee said..
luckily, we arrive in front of bee's house w/out 'terlajak'..
haha..then abg me said..
"s0o, kte nie orang luar biasa la.."
i like that statement..hehe..

2nd destination was bibik suri's house..
i just ate a few slice of fruits..
i'm full..mne xnye pg da mkn nasi kerabu,
then smbung spagetthi pula kt rumah bee..

After maghrib, we move 2 bibik ros's house pula..
on our way there...baru la sy tahu,
mne dtgnye prktaan 'muka 10sen'..
rupa-rupanya dari prkataan tension..
muka tension --> muka 10tion --> muka 10sen
lol..dlu slal0o kata org muka 10sen nie
klu blurr, rupenye muka tension..
adoyaii, baru tahu...(^_^)'

At bibik ros's house..
ate more spaghetti, satay n ice-cream..
i'm happy~~

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