Friday, October 15, 2010

Hobby that has been forgotten..

Kita berbasikal, hey..
Nanti dulu..jangan laju2.."

Haaa', setelah sekian lama..
baru t'ingat berbasikal prnah m'jadi hobi..
saya masih meminatinya tp da xjd hobi
cz xde basikal..huhu..

I'm xtremely happy today~~
spend time cycling together wif tirah..
sronoknya dapat angin..

I'm so0 excited..
continue cycling without realizing..
dat my legs already really tired..
get off from the bicycle, i can't walk properly..
T'huyung-hayang..very exhausted..
but then, i still love today..^_^

Start from this morning..
i don't know why but i'm satisfied wif today..
i hope it will never end..

Today's journey was not juz about cyling..
watching others happy, play and smile..
I'm smiling to0..^_^

One of da most favourite part..
was watching a foreigner case a bus..
^_^..he ran so0 fast..from Meranti..
da bus already at KRP's bus stand..
it remind me of da 'old days'..
Bus was da one and only choice..
everyday, everytime, everywhere..
waiting 4 bus, without it we can't go anywhere..
Chase a bus was just like our daily routine..
0ouuhh, i miss those moment..
'Zaman m'jadi golongan Luar Biasa'

Okay then..
Tonight got 2 meeting..
hmm..hope everything will be fine..
yosshh!! don't sleep..


I wanna continue..
huhu..what happened after da meeting??
when 2 KDSE (1st meeting) by bicycle..
it was totally legs hurt..
after both of da meetings end..
Madihah, rest..teeet, tros tdo..
Tirah, jom b'basikal lg~

p/s: 16 oct outing, hope everyone
will enjoy it n my legs (huahuahua) b'tahanlah!!!


  1. lalallaa...
    tp nk naek mto..kekekeke

  2. haha..naik moto lain.
    jom b'basikal lg..g K10??