Friday, October 29, 2010


"Kak Madihah, ...."
That is how they address me..
Who are they?? First year students..
Very funny n shy coz in terms of age,
most of them are older than me..hehe..
Eventhough i've told them, they are
already comfortable address me that way..

For those who born on da same year,
its seems okay..but 4 some dat 1
or 2 years older than me??
I'm da one who feel awkward..
cz i'm da one who should call them 'Kak..'

As a 2nd year students..
I can be categorized as a 'senior'..
More experienced??
We are just about da same..
you've more, perhaps..
cz u've 'consumed more salt than me', perhaps..
hehe..maybe, i've consumed more..
i've ate lots of salty food..XD


  1. sruh dorg pngil sy "kak yang"
    rindu la nak dngar..

  2. haha..
    kak yang, o00 kak yang..