Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The real frustration??

Final Semester Exam Story..
for most of the paper..but this feelings suit most 4
the second, Analytical Chemistry paper..

That feelings, just reminded me of
Nao-boo-chan from Dragonzakura..
Again!! Drama's influence..

"Half of it have been solved, then not a single answer..
for an exam, only the result dat matters..
the fact dat u did the best or not has no value..
(it's valuable in life but not for the results; especially when u failed)

I've understand dat i've lost..it can't be helped..
I only solved half of the questions..
it's obvious, i've done only stupid things for 1 year..
It's only been 4 days i've studied seriously..
but why, am i so0 frustrated?? really frustrated..
it's da first time i'm so frustrated.
but why am i crying??"

That's what Nao-boo-chan said..
I edited it a bit..hehe..

Seriously, i'm frustrated..
of course i should, right?? cz i studied last minute..
it goes da same 4 last 2 semester but this time
it's much much more frustrating..
because i'm more serious, perhaps..

Last 2 semester..
i studied last minute to0..
but then, aarrgghh..i don't know..
i can't remember well..
(xingat dah apa nk tulis..lol)

p/s: 1 more paper to go..x sabar nk dpt result!!

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