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Friday, January 28, 2011

Maafkan aku..

"Maafkan aku..m'duakn cintamu.."
pernah x dgr lagu nie??
Mesti pernah, tajuknye Maafkan aku dr Ungu..
hehe..kat sini bkn nak promote lagu 2, cuma..
tiba2 teringat pulak..


I have a friend..
A special precious little friend..
She is 16 years younger than me..
so0 cute n 'light'..i 'love' her..
i bring her anywhere i go..
i can't left her alone coz i might
make her 'cry' by her own..

We eat together..we sleep together..
we study together..we jog together..
she always 'by my side' no matter when..
in my laugh, in my smile, in my cry..
she 'help' me a lot..

But there's time i 'hurt' her..lately, i hurt her often..
Last few days, her 'commitment' towards me declining..
i can see how much she have 'changed'..
she's in 'pain'..so0 much pain..
n she's just 4 years old..

I'm so0 sorry..
i never meant to hurt her..
'they' always ask me 2 'leave' her..i can't!!
i don't know whether she still needs me..
but i still need her, for sure..
i'll do my best 2 be loyal..
till the last 'air' u 'breath'..
cz i like her most~

meet my friend..nokia2630..^_^

p/s: dia kemerengan sket + da kne bandage da pun..


  1. oto-man: haha..bru nk wat post psl merah..
    hmm..maklong, mne dtg mak ngah??