Friday, March 30, 2012


i think only UTM students know what it is..
Test for English Communication Skill..
hmm..its something like MUET..
a test to test your writing and communication skills in english..
it's compulsory for UTM students before they graduate..
x sit paper ni xleyh graduate tau..

Due to previous frustration time muet..
I decided to give my very best for tecs..
nak recover balik..n prove that I can
communicate well in english..huhu..
dari kecik kan belajar bahasa antarabangsa ni..
supposedly da hebat la..bertahun2 dah..

As you can 'see'..
I'm not good in using English..
but somehow i prefer to use it as
most of the time english words can
convey more accurate messages..

Grammar mmg hancus la..
walaupun dah belajar banyak kali..
xpernah nak melekat kt kepala ni..
even utk the very basic one..
Vocab pun limited sbb kurang m'baca..
klu tgk movie or sembang2 dgn orang lain
ade je words yang xpernah dengar..

But then..
why i choose to write my post in english..
most of the maximum as i can..
not just because english words may express
my feelings well..(i do talk to myself in english..haha)
its also because i want to teach myself
to be brave to use english no matter how..
confidence is important, right?

I hope i can improve my english..
more and more after this..
(this things has nothing to do with 'belittle-ing'
malay language tau..hehe..nnti ada org mrh
plak bangga2 ngan bahasa inggeris)
just, its an advantages if we can speak
english fluently, kan?

gotta do well for my upcoming
oral communication test..
coz i've screwed up my writing test..

p/s: wah..terpanjang pulak post ni..
esok ada quiz Catalysis..opps.
= p


  1. Practise makes perfect! Act hari2 kene ckp omputih baru vocab bertambah. Tp bila dah borak sesama kita lebih selesa ckp melayu gitu eh.. Hihi.. Anway good luck to you! :)