Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Skunk nie..i can on9 everyday, YEAAAYYY..
so, i always search things 4 my lab report..but most of da time, i found nothing..
sometimes, spend one night but no answer 4 what i'm looking 4..
i've 2 accept da fact that i'm da worst when it comes 2 technology..

huhu..actually, that's not the thing..
the real things is about being a CHEMICAL STUDENT..(huahuahua)
it's kinda scary~~ yup, scary
when i search 4 some information about chemical that i used during experiment,
i found a lot of chemical hazard that extremely dangerous to my health..

day by day, my fear towards lab increase..
it might be bcoz some accident that happened last week..
i hold an extremely hot distillation head and drop it afterward
i'm glad nothing happened 2 da distillation head..
da more serious things was, i forgot to release pressure
while shaking mixture inside separating funnel..
the chemical inside the separating funnel, including dichloromethane
sprinkled out..our table, pqa's book, my lab coat
and da most important are my hand and my face..
again, i'm glad nothing worst happened..

Anyway, amek bidang ape pown..ade bhayanye..
like what i've learned during my lab management claz,

that's all from me 4 today..Ja..