Saturday, February 26, 2011

Industrial Training...part 3

Alhamdulillah.. last, i got it!!

To my coursemates..
whom still struggling to get place 4 LI..
Ganbatte ne!! Don't give-up..

This last 2 weeks..
was a challenging weeks 4 my mind n heart..
nothing goes right..n it seems the same 4 others too..
Everyone hv problems with their phone, relationship
n problems with some services..what a pain..

Kwn sy kne marah..
dia minta tlg, dimarahi..
xlogikkn?? bukan minta tlg apa pun..
sekurang-kurangnya, terangknlah baik2..
dahla org tgh dalam keadaan xstabil..
huhu..sdey tol..

Let's learn sumthing from it..
Hopefully, we won't be one of them..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I ignored what everyone said..
what they said about my phone..
Eventhough i already realize dat,
i can't rely on it anymore..

Sbb degil sgt..
ckp ibu pun xnk dgr..huhu..
Allah nk tunjuk..

Nokia 2360 tlah 'selamat'..
menyelam kedalam dunia yg xdisangka ia akn pergi..
mengikuti jejak langkah senior2 t'dahulu..huhu..
nombor rakan2 juga tlah selamat berenang2 meninggalknku~
Anyway, ada hikmahnya..dia da b'khidmat hmpir 4thn..


I got new phone!
Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i..
pink color!

call her shi-chan (Shiori)..

[google image] matching..huhu..

p/s: ketandusan fulus..$_$

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Colourful commercial..Maki-chan

Love the the phone..
I want one!! Hehe..

The one n only you..

i like the book that you read..
i like the path that you walk..
i like the pictures that you draw..
i like the room where you are..
i like everywhere where you are..

Friday, February 11, 2011

STRONG enough??

" You never know how STRONG you are,
until being strong is the ONLY choice
you have "

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Did u ever believe in something? believe in someone?
Of course u do..i know, no one can run away from it..
If not, how can you just save your money in bank?
how can you believe food that u eat everyday safe
enough to be eaten while others cook it,
ha? ha? ha?..n 4 thousands of other things too..

Lately, there's some 'eye-catching' issues
related to belief or believing others passing
by my life..

What if you've believe in someone so much..then they 'betray' you?
What if you've try so hard to believe in someone..suddenly they break it?
What if you believe in someone but suddenly you waver about it?
What should you do? What should we do?

It's extremely frustrating when someone we believe lie to us..
it's so heartbreaking, kinda irritating..
When you're in shocked, u can't even cry..speechless..
it's like your feet were screwed to the floor..
something hammering you heart..n there's nothing in your head.
Is it true? Really?

Let's do our best not to let others who believe in us experience it..
I've heard a lot..'Believe in urself first b4 u believe in others..'

p/s: Learn 2 believe in me! Yes, I can DO it!! I BELIEVE!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Watashi no Tomodachi..

Sorry, i can't really remember our first meeting..
how we met n how we become friends, best friend i guess..
We are not very close to each other..I mean,
you have someone closer compare to me..
but something I'm very sure is that
we do have a similarity..

When something goes wrong..
things that pass through our mind is..
"Let's have a walk, jog or run.."
The satisfaction after reach targeted destination can't be described..
The ability to jog till then end do motivate..
no matter how tired u're, u hv to finish it!
no matter how far the destination still is,
u have to reach it!
If you're exhausted, it's okay to just walk..
It goes the same 4 our life, agree??

4 me..even though I've go 4 a walk, jog or run..
i will definitely still cry after that cz i clearly realize the fact that:
'How calming the path is, how far you jog, how fast you run..
you'll still have to face the problems/the challenge..

u cannot run away from it'

Anyway, mina-san..
let's run towards success, let's run together..
never leave me behind, i'll nvr leave you..insyaallah..
If i fall n scratch my knee..hold my hand n lift me up..
or give encouragement, it's more than enough..

I don't know how 2 make a promise..
coz i might break it..But as i said,

" If 1 day u feel like crying, call me..
I dun promise dat i'll make u laugh, but i cn cry with u.
If 1 day u wanna run away, dun b afraid 2 call me..
I dun promise 2 ask u 2 stop, but i cn run wif u.
If 1 day u dun wanna listen 2 anyone, call me..
I'll be there 4 u, n I promise 2 be very quiet....."

That's the things that i can promise,
insyaAllah i'll do my best!cz all of those are my profession..haha..
i can easily cry, i love run n i can be a very quiet person..

n never forget, i need u to0..

".....But if 1 day u call me n there's no answer,
come fast 2 see me..Perhaps, i need YOU! "

p/s: rambling tgh2 mlm..=p

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's all about us..

I heard or read it somewhere..
I can't remember..

"How much u hurt depend on how much
u love the person that hurt u~"

Nobody hurt me..
but i'm hurt..

p/s: gonna miss everything..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stay Calm..

Take a deep breath..
to the deepest level u can take..
close ur eyes n exhale slowly..

Endure da pain..
cz it's a part of growing..
in order 2 become stronger..
stronger n stronger..

Industrial Training...part 2

This is juz a very short post on LI..
(suddenly feel like typing)

After being rejected by AOTD..
n no future respond from Meditop Corp..
I chose 2 proceed wif the 2nd phase of applying..
This time, i sent my application to Niosh and
Nuclear sumting at Kajang..2gether wif bee..
Hope everything will be fine..
4 me n others to0!

p/s: hmm..bila nk smpai surat reject dr AOTD ni??
n ashita, going 2 hospital..