Monday, March 22, 2010

I wonder..

I had no other words beyond that.
She was fighting with all her might,
towards the goal she chose.

The thing i felt from watching her cry
was her endless strength.

Crying from the pain of aspiring something,
and crying from having nothing to aspire;
I wonder which is more difficult.

Everyone was running desperately, aiming for something.
They were stretching their hands towards
something which was invisible to the eye.
Even if there was no goal there,
even if they had realized that their hand couldn't reach it,
they were still moving towards it with all they had.

But, i wonder what i was doing.

I was just staring,
and i did not even try to stretch my hand out.

I was scared of the result,
and couldn't take a single step forward.

I was jealously watching,
the paths that everyone found with effort.

By saying that i was different from everyone else,
i was making an excuse to myself.
i was just afraid of being hurt.

If there is no map, you won't know where to go.
I thought you chose where to go after you've seen the map.
But, that was wrong.
I am not lost because i don't have a map.
I don't have a destination.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


sbhgn dr tenaga kerja..

in between MASA and NAZREY JOHANI concert..
last minute, lots of problems..
glad, everything okay n juz college pgrmme
being the 'master of ceremony'
haha..kinda terrible..

sporting Pn K involved as participant..
won 3 gold and 1 silver medal..
for sukaneka..

i'm impressed..

precious experience in japan

Things that came unexpectedly..
our meeting about 'pasar malam' bcome
i'm kinda excited..hehe..

En. Fabilah came as our advisor
4 'pasar malam' programme..
but, i can't remember how, he started 2 share
his life experiences wif us..

He told us about his son..
who involved in an accident last January..
what happened and how he deal with it..
i'm impressed, totally impressed..

Then, he share wif us about his experience..
teaching Japanese language, da benefit of learning
third language..japanese lifestyle, n a lot more..

that's all 4 now, mata..