Saturday, May 21, 2011

Practical Diary - Week 2 n 3

Look at the title..
huhu, obviously i'm getting lazy..
plus, not much to tell each day..
Hmm..what am i doing all this while..
menyepi 2minggu lebih dah..

Ok, back to business..
During those weeks, i've started my experiment..
few trials on making a product..what product??
a vanilla-based product..
4 now, that's da only thing i can tell about my project..

On da same time,
i'm searching on the test for the product and others..
i spend a lot of time online searching for journals and articles
The most tiring part is to clean all those apparatus and
instrument used for the experiment..huhu..
Sometimes, i spend half day just for the cleaning part!!

The laboratory that i use is full with instrument
HPLC, GC, mini UVspec and others
still didn't get a chance to use those..

Actually, i experiencing my industrial training
at a agrotech and bioscience department..
what to expect, lots of biology students there..
of course..doing something related to biology..
deal with microbes and stuff..
So, what actually my labmates and i doing there??

We ( 4 chemistry students ),
staying inside an instrument lab..
doing our own project, slightly related to biology..'s not easy to do something that not
in your field of study..
especially for polymer students to do culturing stuff!

For me, i'm not doing something too hard..
it's not too biology but it still not too chemistry..
i mean, i'm doing something not really related to my study..
Anyway, at some stage..i still enjoy my project..

Practical Diary - Day 4

Met my supervisor 4 da first time..
She's friendly but a strict person..
Still searching 4 journals..

At last, it's weekend..
Let's rest..

p/s: looking at those squirrels n smiling alone..
'look at them quarrel n crying alone'

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Practical Diary - Day 2 n 3

Gotong-royong kenduri kawin paman..
on 17th..penat tp seronok!


Day 2
sampai lewat..huhu..
dpt tugasan dr supervisor..

Day 3
not in a good condition..
went to mini library..

p/s: going 2 meet my sv tmorrow..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Practical Diary - Day 1

Berjaya dah m'harungi hari pertama,,
hehe..macam2 citer dgr dr kawan2 lain..
ade yg best, ade yg sedikit bosan dll..

not bad..
but my supervisor is on leave..
kinda boring..
but i met lots of new friends..

there's time
i thought dat i'm not belong 2 this field..
this is really not me..
then, on da way back home..
abah gave an advice, something 2 lift my
spirit on starting my very own research..
he make me realize how interesting
a research is..
knowledge in science is a wonder~~

p/s: there's a looooong more way to go..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Practical Diary - Prediary

Tomorrow is 16th May..
I've always waiting 4 this date every single year..
The day when i'll express my gratitude towards
my teacher's and my lovely mother..
(i'm always glad, dat day just a day 2 express it..hehe, time 2 je brani nk luahkn)

But this year, it's gonna be different..
Yes, it's's not dat i'll change my annual routine,
it's just..i think more about my industrial training..
my coursemates n i is gonna start our practical
tomorrow..(some of them on 18th)..

Okay, honestly..i'm super-nervous..
not enough..super-ultra-hyper nervous..
hmm..but just act cool 2 reduce it..
seriously no idea how tomorrow looks like..
how this 2months will be..

To all my friends..
All da best!! Ganbarimasyou~

p/s: biggest wonder - what bag should i bring??
n what should i put inside??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things You Didn't Know About Sleep..probably.

1. We can only dream about faces we have already seen,
whether we actively remember them or not!

2. Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream
generally have personality disorders.

3. Sleep positions may determine ur personality..


4. Longest sleeping mammals is koalas: 22 hours a day
n shortest sleeping mammals is giraffes: 1.9 hours a day
(in 5-10minutes sessions)

5. When dolphins sleep, only half of their brain shuts down.
The other half stays awake to help with breathing cycles.

6. Blind people can still see images in dreams.
(Born blind are exceptional)

7. Within 5 minutes of waking up, 50% of your dream is
forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone..

p/s: xtau btol x..yg best no. 4! Time xm2 nie..
mesti rmai yg berubah m'jadi zirafah kan??

[Google~] Comelkn sy??

Kita x same..

Hmm..time jawab paper Analytical Chem ari 2..
bru sy sedar yg cara org jawab soaln subjktif ni b'beza2..
sebelum ni xpernah terfikir pun..
Ceritanya cmni..

Tengah serabut2 xdpt jawab, sy pun melilau2..
sy tgk xramai pun mintak xtra paper..t'tnye2
"mesti dpt jwb bykkn?? sbb xtinggal page kosong pun"
sy b'fikirn cm2 sbb sy slaluu tinggalkn tmpt kosong klu xdpt jwb.
sy xkan t'lepas dari jadi golongan yg minta xtra paper..
haha..m'bazir, tinggal gap byk2 pastu xdpt jwb gak..

Pastu baru sy sedar function bhagi soaln ikut masa..
cthnya: Paper tu 2jam, ada, satu soalan 30min..
Mesti siapkn soalan tu dalam 30min jgk supaya xkco soalan lain..
klu dapat siap awal 2 advantage la kn..

Cikgu slaloo cakap, klu xdapat jwb skip soalan dlu..
So smpai ke skrg, sy cmtulah..dr page 1 smpai ke hujung..
klu xtau tgglkn ruang kosong, mne xbyk mkn ruang..
skrg sy da tau..tgglkn soalan 2 cmne..
Soalan kn ada anak cucu klu xdpat jwb, trun dlu..
then try solve..klu da nk smpai 30min xsettle2 gak..
atau soalan 2 mmg kritikal xtau lansung (hopeless n helpless) bru proceed..
bknnye xdapat jwb tros g soaln lain..klu cm2, skjp je da smpai soaln last..

Btol ke ape yg sy pk nih?
Paper bru ni wat cm2 rse cm okay la jugak..
Kamu2 jwab cmne ea??

p/s: patut ke sy pk bende ni?..klu x, biarlah sy merapu sorg2..