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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paaaaaanjang ceritanyeee~~

there's a lot of things to share..
but no time to do so..
i miss my life as a normal student..
4 now, i just believe..
all dat i do now, is 4 my own future..
learn 2 be better n useful 2 others..
eventhough i feel kinda useless almost everytime..

i know da risk dat i've took..
but da responsibility, i can't just let it go..
if i do, there's a lot more people will suffer in the future..
i do love da spirit dat my family and my friends gave me..
they never give up, so why should i??
keep supporting me, no matter how obnoxious i am..

there's a long more way to go..
pray 4 me, so i can stand still n be a better me..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i found SKSAT group at Facebook..
hehe..a bit excited..long time no see..
it was about 10 years i moved from there..
there's a lot differences..totally different..
someone asked..'did anyone still remember this school song?'
i wanna answer 'yes, i do..but i'm kinda shy..
hehehe..i actually don't know them..

i'm ashamed to write in there, so i write it here..
but, i'm not sure how correct it is..
ingat, ingat lupa saja..

"Riang sungguh rasa hatiku..
tiap hari datang ke mari..
main blaja mengikut waktu..
bagai musim silih b'ganti..

Ibu ayah turut gembira..
melihat guru beri ajaran..
membimbing kami setiap masa..
bagaikan laut tiada sempadan..

Kami ibarat kain yang putih..
untuk dicorak berwarna-warni..
bawalah kami ke jalan bersih..
supaya hasrat direstui..

Wahai ayah ibu pertiwi..
engkaulah cahaya dalam gelita..

haha..i can't really remember..
but anyway, i love this song..
its kinda cute..and not to0 'skema'..
miss kedah sooo000 much..
dunno when will i get there and what for..
i hope i will, one day..