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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practical Diary - Pictures

Let pictures do the talking..

p/s: not all mine..

Practical Diary - Week 4 n 5

In research, passion and patience is a must!
Along this journey, i've realize that they must come together..
w/o both or even one of it..ur research won't work..
but it's not easy to have both..or maintain it..

Week 1 - Passion
Week 2 - Passion n Patience
Week 3 - Passion n Patience
Week 4 - Patience
Week 5 - None of them

Day by day..
my passion towards my project decline..
same goes to my patience..huhu.

I dream of a chance for site-work..
sitting in front of ur laptop everyday..
reading n searching..left inside the lab alone..
Doing the same things again n again..
No excitement at all..

Already started with my slide..
A tiny preparation for presentation..
bcoz of the presentation, i don't feel like finishing my
industrial training..but i can't run away 4 sure~

p/s: I wonder how am i going to be a researcher..

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Tiada kenderaan untuk pulang..menunggu..
bertemankan sebuah tas tangan..
seorang lelaki merampas tas tersebut..
menyerahkannya kepada pemandu yg tidak tahu apa2..
Aku, mengambilnya kembali..
ia hak aku! Tolong, jgn lakukannya lagi..

Masih disitu..menunggu..
seorang lagi lelaki lain merampas tas dari tanganku..
Berlari..sempat mendapatkannya semula..
Tolong, jangan lakukannya lagi..
"Aku bapa kepada 7org anak dan 6org isteri..kau xakan faham!"

Tunggu! walau apapun..jangan!
Aku takut...