Thursday, December 23, 2010


Klu nk tgk/dgr lagu nie..

It's actually a song from a very nice
2005 japanese drama named Aikurushii..


Haru wo aisuru hito wa
kokoro kyoki hito
sumire no hana no youna
boku no tomodachi.

natsu wo aisuru hito wa
kokoro tsuyoki hito
iwa wo kudaku name no youma.
boku no chichioya.

Aki wo aisuru hito wa
Kokoro fukaki hito
ai wo kataru Haine no youna.
boku no koibito.

Fuyu wo aisuru hito wa
kokoro hiroki hito
no yuki wo tokasu daichi no youna,
boku no hahaoya.


The person who loves the spring
is surely someone with a pure heart
just like a violet.
You are my precious friend.

The person who loves the summer
is surely someone with a strong heart
just like the waves breaking rocks.
You are my dear father.

The person who loves the Fall
is surely someone with a deep heart
just like the poet Heins.
You are my lover.

The person who loves the winter
is surely someone with a wide heart
just like the thawing of the snow.
you are my dear mother.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm back!!

Salam, everyone~
After few days 'menyepi'..
Here i come!!

Banyak mende nk tulis nie..

p/s: keletihan ( fizikal n mental, hati pun~)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodbye Sarawak, Hi! Melaccca~

Last few months..
I've planned to join a program..
n we are going to Sarawak!!!
4 about 10 days (22dec - 31dec)..

The exact 'gerak kerja' started on 2dec..
n it might end after 10days..
I felt kinda guilty coz i'll not be able to
join the 'gerak kerja' due to some other plan..
huhu..but then, i've also made some mistakes
dat make me felt much much more guilty..

So, i decided to ask whether i belong
to them (Jejak Budaya team)..
I should stay or leave..
n yesterday, I was informed dat
i'm one of the drop-outs..

Hmm..i'm happy??
or am i sad??

Honestly, it must be fun!!
but then, if I reflected back..
I belong to where i'm standing now~
I shuffle back my holiday plan..

There's wisdom in everything dat happened..
Yeayy~ I can join 'Keluarga HAJI OMAR' family day..
in Melacca on 25th n 26th of December..
My family's task is to think about games 4 sukaneka!!
Yeehaa..yehoo..hope everthing will be okay..
sukaneka is an important part on family day, right??
It might be da part where everyone remember most..
Konklusinya, let's think of something adventure n fun!!
It's time 4 my siblings n me 2 brainstorming..
(after abah gave us full responsibility) hehe..

Jya..that's all for now~

p/s: I'm going to Beijing today!!
6 hours to go..^_^

Friday, December 3, 2010

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac / Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita

It's a Japanese movie..
based on American novel by Gabrielle Zevin..
Just finished watching it..hehe..
I'm waiting 4 it since early of this year..
I'm glad i can watch it online..
after few months searching..
(of coz, it's 2010's movie)

What i like about this movie?? can i explain it..
There are lots of photography involved..
The way they use the camera n stuff..
soO cOol~~ it make photography looks easy..
xtremely interesting..hehe..

Picture captured..

The pictures are floating..

Besides, i like Horikita Maki-chan..
The main actress 4 this movie..
Not forget about the cute Tegoshi Yuya..
As they act as international school students,
they speak in english toO!! Many times..

[Tegoshi Yuya, Horikita Maki, Kenichi Matsuyama]

So, everyone..
don't forget 2 spend some time watching it..
U can watch it on
I wanna watch it again!!!
and looking foward 2 read da book..

p/s: longest post name..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's a pleasure..

It's nice to be able to help..^_^
It will make you smile for the whole day..
yeah..experiences n mistakes do help a lot..
when you learn something from it..
it's a treasure that not everyone get..
at least, not everyone get the same..

I've done thousands of mistakes..
I've even done some same mistakes again n again..
I hope, I'll learn..from now on..
so that I won't regret later..

This is life..accept it!!

Never make the same mistake twice..
because there are so many new mistakes to do~

p/s: I've to learn how to take n face risk..
It's time to grow up!!