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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Repost: Script from Honey n Clover

I had no other words beyond that.

She was fighting with all her might,
towards the goal she chose.
The thing i felt from watching her cry
was her endless strength.
Crying from the pain of aspiring something,
and crying from having nothing to aspire;
I wonder which is more difficult.

Everyone was running desperately, aiming for something.
They were stretching their hands towards
something which was invisible to the eye.
Even if there was no goal there,
even if they had realized that their hand couldn't reach it,
they were still moving towards it with all they had.

But, i wonder what i was doing.

I was just staring,
and i did not even try to stretch my hand out.
I was scared of the result,
and couldn't take a single step forward.
I was jealously watching,
the paths that everyone found with effort.
By saying that i was different from everyone else,
i was making an excuse to myself.
i was just afraid of being hurt.

If there is no map, you won't know where to go.
I thought you chose where to go after you've seen the map.
But, that was wrong.
I am not lost because i don't have a map.

I don't have a destination.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 Disember 2011

Berusaha menjadi insan tabah..
menerima ketentuan-Nya seadanya..
kerana Dia lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik..

Tiada lafaz yang mampu diucapkan..
hanya dengusan nafas dalam menjadi teman..
apa lagi yang boleh dilakukan untuk membuktikan
yang anda lebih tabah dari yang disangka..
Namun lumrah..
Sekuat mana anda, ada lemahnya..
kesedihan itu tak dapat disembunyikan..
walaupun dengan ketawa, walaupun dengan cerita yg berbeza.

Malam ini tidak seperti biasa..
dihiasi musik2 yang menemani kerja2..
Malam ini....sunyi lebih indah, sangat indah..
Aku berusaha untuk tidak mengalirkan air mata..
Tapi, andai itu yang dapat membuat aku menerima
hakikat sebenarnya..izinkan aku menangis..

"Selagi saya mampu, saya akan bertahan.."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gembira pasangannya Sedih

Google it~

Setelah sekian lama nak makan ni..
Akhirnya hari ni dpt makan..


p/s: kehilangan seorg bapa saudara yg selalu
kaitkan petai untuk anak saudara die ni..
semoga Ayah Cik berada dikalangan org2 mukmin..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cabaran menjadi 20..

Tarikh yang dinanti setiap tahun..
28 November, why?? Its my birthday..

Seronok! bile ramai kawan2 lama hntr mesej dan wish..
waktu 2 jugaklah bley amek kesempatan utk sembang2 panjang..
kadang2 kawan yang xpernah cakap kat sekolah dulu
pun bley bawak sembang macam2..mmg best~

Somehow, this year..i've mixed feelings..
Haha..there's no more teen years..
Minggu2 nak sampai ke tarikh t'sebut amatlah mencabar..
Seolah2 nak sy sedar yang sy benar2 perlu 'membesar'..

This year, again..
I got opportunity to celebrate my birthday at home..
even with additional family members! hehe..
Abg Budi, my brother-in-law..^^

one whole family didn't remember my birthday..
they've been busy with kaklong's wedding
but seriously, i understand that..
bcoz me myself nearly forget about that..haha

Early in the morning, got a bad news..
Picu, ikan yg ktorg bela mati..huhu..
kemungkinan besar sbb air akuarium tu..
xtau apa masalah die..apa2 pun,
Kaloi selamat!

Alhamdulillah, super happy~
my parent bought me a new phone..
Samsung Corby II, Candy pink in color..
Together with a cute phonechain n stickers..

sebelum menjamah makanan2 yang lazat..
sy bersiap-siap dulu utk balik UTM..
tiba2 terkurung dalam toilet, pintu xbleh bukak..
nasib baik toilet ada 2 pintu..berjaya keluar
tapi pintu bilik pun, xdapat nak masuk bilik..
misi membuka pintu bermula!

Yg bju merah tu, Ibu..sorg lg tu adik bongsu sy, Aiman..
sebok je die..= P
Macam2 cara gune..
tapi xberjaya..
xpelah makan dulu ea~

KFC punye egg tart yg yummy~

Sambil2 makan..
sembang pasal malam ktorg tido kt Bukit Melawati..
waktu kecik2 dulu, sgt scary~ haha..
pastu cerita2 pasal zaman kanak2..
sgt best! sy suka masa2 sy bersama keluarga~

ni yg paling sedap! hehe..

After makan barulah abah kopak pintu
toilet tu..^_^

Okay, this year i got a gift from a mysterious person..
adoyaii, siapakah anda?? 

See, first day jadi 20 tahun pun da mcm2 jadi..
Hehe..pengalaman yang sangat2 berharga..
Overflowing happiness that cannot be described!

Thanks ibu ngan abah..
Thanks kaklong n abg budi..
semua2 lah..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tote Boutique Giveaway~!!

Let's take a look..

click the banner..
Spend time to usha blog Tote Boutique ni tau!
nothing to lose..

Friday, November 25, 2011


The path that we used to walk,
already full with dry leaves..
The night air saturated with our flying words,
have turn into an empty box..
The light heart-warming atmosphere,
are no longer exist..

Did you even realize that i've change ?

i might not forget about you..
or one day everyone will forget me..
i just miss everything about us..

I'm scared of being a 'lost friend' .


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yui - Goodbye days (Translation Lyrics)

So I'm going to see you right now,
that's what I've decided
I want to have you listen to this song,
that I have in my pocket

I turned up the volume,
to make sure that it was there.

Oh good-bye days,
right now I've got the feelings that things are going to change,
so long to everything up until yesterday
An uncool kindness is at my side
~With you

I pass one ear phone over to you
And this moment slowly streams over to you
Can you really love me?
Even though I sometimes lose my way.

Oh good-bye days,
right now things inside my heart have begun to change,
alright; An uncool kindness is at my side
~With you

If possible, I'd like to not have sad feelings
But they'll come to me, won't they?
In those times, it would be good if only I could say
"Yeah, hello! My friend", with a smile

When we both are humming the same song,
I wish for you to be by my side,
I'm glad that we were able to meet each other,
with such an uncool kindness

...Good-bye days

p/s: seems like the lyrics kinda suits my situation now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kegembiraan Berganda..

Morning!'s holiday~
more importantly, it's on Wednesday.. a PSM's day..
PSM stands for Projek Sarjana Muda
it's like final year project 4 final year students..
n on that day, my biotech friends n I have to 'work'
in biotech lab from 8 to 5 (if we're lucky enough)..
or 6pm or till night, perhaps..
obviously, it's tiring and stressful..

But it's understandable..
that those rule is for our own benefits..
so we can finish our project earlier,
less stress in the next semester
and graduate happily..with a nice grade,
bcoz we have ample of time to improve
our project, prepare for presentation
and write our final report..

So today, eventhough it's holiday..
still going to the lab but just for few hours..
maybe few minutes..hehe..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Short Note..

Being a child is fun..
But having a childish mind when u're
nearly twenty is burdensome..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Komik Gempak Starz..


Successfully reduced my money..
huhu..beli komik!! 2 plak tu..
Actually, not really feel like buying..
coz still waiting for Maid Maiden Friday..
tapi bila abg tu cakap klu beli 2 dapat
free comic holder..(comic holder ke??)
n ada gambar Maid Maiden..
memanglah nak..hehe..

So, I bought these..

Lawak Pop Gang..

n Ice Cream Baby..

Happy dapat gambar abg kacak ni..
xsabar nak susun komik..
tapi komik byk kat umah dah..

pandangan kiri..

pandangan kanan..

ouh..kanak2 nye saya~

p/s: ngantuk, esok g kilang kelapa sawit..lawatan industri
untuk subjek Environmental Chemistry..

Sunday, October 16, 2011


A best friend's birthday..
her 20th birthday..

On that day, its exactly 2 years n 9 months
of our life in this university..
approximately that long of our friendship too..
knowing her as my neighbor, up to being a roommate..
always being generous by giving me a lot of food..
you're the playful one..

Spending time with all of you..
Fyfa, Bee, Trah n Farah..
among thousands fond memories of my life..
It's always nice and heart warming..

 beautifully arranged banana split..


 mission accomplished..hehe..

Honestly, i'm totally annoyed..
wake me up from my soundless sleep..
but i'm glad, after wake up..
n be a part of the celebration..

I've nothing to give you..
not a billionaire to throw a high class party..
not a lecturer to give you higher marks..
not a singer to sing you a song..also
not a boyfriend to buy you a bear..

I'm just a friend..
someone wishing to be a good one..


There's still a looong way in front..
I don't know how to face it..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Practical Diary - Fellow Colleagues

Last few months,
my journey as practical student in Malaysian Nuclear Agency ends..
but the memories..remains .

I'm the silent one..
Following them wherever they go..

Mereka ni..geng gile2 kt sana..
ramai kn..kn2..

They're super sporting, happening n nice..
eventhough we're from different universities, different ages..
At least, we can cope to each other..

Gambar2 ni..bkn time hari last saya kt Nuklear nie..
tapi ni ala2 goodbye party utk 3 orang kawan dari UMT
yang habis praktikal awal..8minggu je praktikal diorg..

Ni..diorg dari UMT..

Ramai2 berkumpul kt Taman Tasik Cempaka..
exactly right after work..haha..
enjoying our Domino's time..yeeha~
duduk dlm bulatan besar n slide2 pizza..

6 kotak pizza yg yummy~
yg pgg videocam tu, saya!

Its so hard to say goodbye..

Ok, die xnangis pun semenanye..saje je tu..
Goodbye speech punye session..b4 makan..
xketinggalan, sesi bergambar!
especially bile ada kamera besar..hehe..



Antara rmai2 ni, 2 orang je yg satu lab ngan saya..
satu sv..yg 3 n 4 dari kiri, Ieka n Su..
diorang ni da graduate! Cume Su lom Konvo..

Mcm mne bleh ramai sgt kn?
Slalu je ktorg konvoi at least 3 kereta g makan n jalan2..
Pernah paling byk smpai 6 kereta klu xsilap..
Xtau mula dari mna, tapi dari kawan satu kawan satu lab..
ajak2 makan same, jumpe..then jadi kawan..
slalu konvoi2 sampai baik2 cmni..

Walaupun saya kurang berkata apa2..
Or just mcm nyendeng je kt diorg..
Saya sgt happy ^_^

 Memang best, gembira kenal mereka~

p/s: Smoga semua berjaya dialam pekerjaan
dan jumpa lagi..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just because of you..

I never wish 2 grow up fast..
I never thought dat growing up can be this tough..
But I'm okay..yes, I'm okay..

You're da one who teach me to be this strong..
Therefore, I're stronger..
Sorry for unable to be by ur side when u need me..
I promise.. even tough i'm not there..
I'll study hard here..I'll call u often..
I'll always pray for you..

..Love u FOREVER..

Ya Allah..berilah kekuatan buat dirinya..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Giveaway Souvenir dari Jepun dan Korea

Yay..another giveaway~
Kali ni pemenang ditentukan melalui cabutan bertuah..
Jom tengok bertuah x..

Tarikh tutup 22 September 2011
haha..memanglah saya suka wat kje last minute..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IS - Neither Male nor Female..

IS - Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei

"IS" stands for "intersexual".
Its a term referring to people who
cannot clearly be classified as male or female,
and who may biologically possess characteristics of both sexes.

This drama (based on manga) is about
Hoshino Haru, an IS who was registered as a girl at birth
but has been raised as a boy..
Because of some circumstances, Haru's teen years
must now be raised as a girl..

This drama is currently airing..
I've watched the first 4 episodes..
and it's Interesting!!

I think 'somewhere' in the drama may
make viewers cry..
This drama remind me of 1 Litre of Tears..
They're people who born to be different,
yet need to continue living..

Be glad with everything..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Kdg2 syami lari..kdg2 syami jln..klu penat syami berhenti.."

Seperti pagi hari2 biasa, kelihatan dua adik-beradik itu masuk kedalam
van yang akan membawa mereka ke destinasi yang berbeza..
Setibanya disuatu tempat, si kakak diturunkan..rakan2 lain yang menaiki
van yang sama turut turun di destinasi tertentu..
Pemandu van pulang ke rumah. Tugasnya untuk menghantar anak2 itu
ke sekolah masing2 selesai..Ayuh berehat..


"Mama..mama, syami ni.." si ibu yang sedang berehat terkesima.
"Eh, syahmi xgi sekolah ke?".. Segera si ibu menghubungi pihak sekolah
untuk mendapatkan kepastian. Ternyata kanak2 berumur 4 tahun itu
tidak menjejakkan kakinya ke sekolah pada pagi tadi.
Gagang telefon diangkat lagi lalu nombor pemandu van di dail..
"X turunkan syahmi kat skolah dia ke hari ni?"
"Dah..xada siapa dah dalam van td.." jawab pemandu van, yakin.

"Syahmi..cmne syahmi bleh balik rumah ni?". Musykil!


"Syami sedar2 dalam van dah xde org..syami keluar la dari van tu.."
"Kadang-kadang syami lari..kadang-kadang syami jalan, kalau syami penat,
syami berhenti.." petah kanak2 itu berbicara..
"Habis tu..cne syahmi lintas jalan?" si ibu masih curiga..
"Kalau ada kereta, syami jalan tepi2..kalau xda, lari cepat2.."


Kanak2 yg masih pelat itu berada dalam pelukan ibunya..
MasyaAllah..bukan dekat jarak rumah pemandu van itu ke rumah mereka..
Syukur si ibu tidak bekerja shif pagi dan berada di rumah ketika itu..
Si ibu hanya mampu menangis..Syahmi turut menangis..
Dia kelihatan sungguh tabah mencari jalan pulang dan bercerita
dengan begitu baik, jauh disudut hati kecilnya..siapa tahu betapa takutnya
kanak2 sebesar itu ditinggalkan sendirian. Mencari jalan pulang di tengah2
taman perumahan Seksyen 20, Shah Alam..


Pemandu van menghubungi si ibu..
"Saya turun dari rumah, tengok pintu van terbuka..."


p/s: susah nk percaya! Alhamdulillah, Syahmi selamat..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Edcoustic - Muhasabah Cinta

Wahai..Pemilik nyawaku..
Betapa lemah diriku ini..
Berat ujian dari-Mu..
Ku pasrahkan semua pada-Mu..

Tuhan..baruku sedar..
Indah, nikmat sihat itu..
Tak pandai aku bersyukur..
Kini ku harapkan cinta-Mu..

Kata-kata cinta terucap indah..
Mengalir berzikir dikidung doaku..
Sakit yang kurasa biar jadi penawar dosaku..

Butir-butir cinta air mataku..
Teringat semua yang Kau beri untukku..
Ampuni khilaf dan salah selama ini,
Ya Illahi..
Muhasabah cintaku..

Tuhan..kuatkan aku..
Lindungiku dari putus asa..
Jika kuharus mati..
Pertemukan aku dengan-Mu..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nothing is Perfect..

Semakin kita dewasa, semakin banyak kekurangan ibubapa kita
yang kita jumpa..tidak mengapa kerana tiada manusia yg sempurna..
Disitulah letaknya tanggungjawab kita; sebagai anak untuk melengkapkan
mereka kerana sewaktu kita masih kecil, merekalah yang membuatkan
kita sentiasa rasa SEMPURNA~

Iman..anak sepupu yg pertama..makcik da sy~

Rayyan..sepupu yg comel~ xreti dok diam..
xdpt nak amik gmbr die elok2, asyik lari2 je..^_^

p/s: sronok tgk kanak-kanak b'gembira~

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


"It's 2am, feelin' like I just lost a friend..
Hope you know it's not easy, easy for me..
It's 2am, feelin' like I just lost a friend..
Hope you know it's not easy, easy for me..

And we know it's never simple, never easy..
Never a clean break, no one here to save me......"

gambar hiasan..hiasan ke??

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practical Diary - Pictures

Let pictures do the talking..

p/s: not all mine..

Practical Diary - Week 4 n 5

In research, passion and patience is a must!
Along this journey, i've realize that they must come together..
w/o both or even one of it..ur research won't work..
but it's not easy to have both..or maintain it..

Week 1 - Passion
Week 2 - Passion n Patience
Week 3 - Passion n Patience
Week 4 - Patience
Week 5 - None of them

Day by day..
my passion towards my project decline..
same goes to my patience..huhu.

I dream of a chance for site-work..
sitting in front of ur laptop everyday..
reading n searching..left inside the lab alone..
Doing the same things again n again..
No excitement at all..

Already started with my slide..
A tiny preparation for presentation..
bcoz of the presentation, i don't feel like finishing my
industrial training..but i can't run away 4 sure~

p/s: I wonder how am i going to be a researcher..

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Tiada kenderaan untuk pulang..menunggu..
bertemankan sebuah tas tangan..
seorang lelaki merampas tas tersebut..
menyerahkannya kepada pemandu yg tidak tahu apa2..
Aku, mengambilnya kembali..
ia hak aku! Tolong, jgn lakukannya lagi..

Masih disitu..menunggu..
seorang lagi lelaki lain merampas tas dari tanganku..
Berlari..sempat mendapatkannya semula..
Tolong, jangan lakukannya lagi..
"Aku bapa kepada 7org anak dan 6org isteri..kau xakan faham!"

Tunggu! walau apapun..jangan!
Aku takut...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Practical Diary - Week 2 n 3

Look at the title..
huhu, obviously i'm getting lazy..
plus, not much to tell each day..
Hmm..what am i doing all this while..
menyepi 2minggu lebih dah..

Ok, back to business..
During those weeks, i've started my experiment..
few trials on making a product..what product??
a vanilla-based product..
4 now, that's da only thing i can tell about my project..

On da same time,
i'm searching on the test for the product and others..
i spend a lot of time online searching for journals and articles
The most tiring part is to clean all those apparatus and
instrument used for the experiment..huhu..
Sometimes, i spend half day just for the cleaning part!!

The laboratory that i use is full with instrument
HPLC, GC, mini UVspec and others
still didn't get a chance to use those..

Actually, i experiencing my industrial training
at a agrotech and bioscience department..
what to expect, lots of biology students there..
of course..doing something related to biology..
deal with microbes and stuff..
So, what actually my labmates and i doing there??

We ( 4 chemistry students ),
staying inside an instrument lab..
doing our own project, slightly related to biology..'s not easy to do something that not
in your field of study..
especially for polymer students to do culturing stuff!

For me, i'm not doing something too hard..
it's not too biology but it still not too chemistry..
i mean, i'm doing something not really related to my study..
Anyway, at some stage..i still enjoy my project..

Practical Diary - Day 4

Met my supervisor 4 da first time..
She's friendly but a strict person..
Still searching 4 journals..

At last, it's weekend..
Let's rest..

p/s: looking at those squirrels n smiling alone..
'look at them quarrel n crying alone'

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Practical Diary - Day 2 n 3

Gotong-royong kenduri kawin paman..
on 17th..penat tp seronok!


Day 2
sampai lewat..huhu..
dpt tugasan dr supervisor..

Day 3
not in a good condition..
went to mini library..

p/s: going 2 meet my sv tmorrow..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Practical Diary - Day 1

Berjaya dah m'harungi hari pertama,,
hehe..macam2 citer dgr dr kawan2 lain..
ade yg best, ade yg sedikit bosan dll..

not bad..
but my supervisor is on leave..
kinda boring..
but i met lots of new friends..

there's time
i thought dat i'm not belong 2 this field..
this is really not me..
then, on da way back home..
abah gave an advice, something 2 lift my
spirit on starting my very own research..
he make me realize how interesting
a research is..
knowledge in science is a wonder~~

p/s: there's a looooong more way to go..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Practical Diary - Prediary

Tomorrow is 16th May..
I've always waiting 4 this date every single year..
The day when i'll express my gratitude towards
my teacher's and my lovely mother..
(i'm always glad, dat day just a day 2 express it..hehe, time 2 je brani nk luahkn)

But this year, it's gonna be different..
Yes, it's's not dat i'll change my annual routine,
it's just..i think more about my industrial training..
my coursemates n i is gonna start our practical
tomorrow..(some of them on 18th)..

Okay, honestly..i'm super-nervous..
not enough..super-ultra-hyper nervous..
hmm..but just act cool 2 reduce it..
seriously no idea how tomorrow looks like..
how this 2months will be..

To all my friends..
All da best!! Ganbarimasyou~

p/s: biggest wonder - what bag should i bring??
n what should i put inside??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things You Didn't Know About Sleep..probably.

1. We can only dream about faces we have already seen,
whether we actively remember them or not!

2. Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream
generally have personality disorders.

3. Sleep positions may determine ur personality..


4. Longest sleeping mammals is koalas: 22 hours a day
n shortest sleeping mammals is giraffes: 1.9 hours a day
(in 5-10minutes sessions)

5. When dolphins sleep, only half of their brain shuts down.
The other half stays awake to help with breathing cycles.

6. Blind people can still see images in dreams.
(Born blind are exceptional)

7. Within 5 minutes of waking up, 50% of your dream is
forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone..

p/s: xtau btol x..yg best no. 4! Time xm2 nie..
mesti rmai yg berubah m'jadi zirafah kan??

[Google~] Comelkn sy??