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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maid Maiden..

Dipagi2 hari cuti yg dingin nie..
b'semangat plak nk update blog..
pagi sgt ke?? xdelah sgt..nk tghari dah pun..

1. Komiku atau nma sbnrnya komik..

Maid Maiden ni ialah tjuk komik Kaoru yg latest slps
komik Helious Eclipse..utk org yg minat komik2 tmpatn,
sepatutnya mesti tau..hehe.. Disebabkan sy xminat novel,
sy suka baca novel nie, agak time consuming kn??
i mean, satu novel nk abes ambil berhari2 utk org mcm sy nie..
kdg2 xabes terus..hehe. Sy suka komik tmptn, especially dr
Kaoru n Ben..hmm, komik2 dr jepun ok jgk tp byk sgt..

Apakah Maid Maiden nie??
maaflah, sy xpandai nk wat sinopsis citer..huhu..
tp citer die seyes best!! Sy paling suka Alexander..
kucing peliharan dalam citer nie..Nyan~
Komik nie b'siri, berapa byk pun xsure..
kemungkinan besar ada 7 cz dia guna nma hari..
kepada rakan2 t'dekat yg nk baca tp xnk beli,
bolehla b'bincang ngan sy..hehe..sekali selak, 20sen..
skrg dah ada 3 bku..hehe..

the first one..Maid Maiden-Monday!

the 2nd..Maid Maiden-Tuesday!
nmpk kucing 2?? itulah Alexander~

n this is the 3rd..Maid Maiden-Wednesday!


2. New Maid at home!
After more than 5years xada maid kt umah..
lalalala..skrg ada 'maid' baru! hehe..sronoknye2..
Wah..habis rumah dikemasnye~ sampai abah kata,
" Abah baru beli 6pasang stoking, baru pkai 1..
5 lagi dahhilang..mna disimpannye ntah.."
dgn nama gurauan..

hehe..balik je dr KL, tgk2 ada 5 pasang stokin masih
ada label kertas Giant, basah..dijemur! Ake ni..
wat lawak r..

Ok, sy pun kne jd maid gak..
Ayuh kemas rumah..kemas bilik..
Penuh harta2 pusaka utk diselongkar!
Baju2 time skolah rendah pun ada lagi!!
Woah..xboleh dah simpan2 brg kngn byk sgt..
huhu..rumah bknnye stor~

p/s: siapa ada simpan tisu xtra yg die amik masa
makan time lawatan skolah2 dlu?? ada x??
mesti xde kn? je kot yg wat cm2..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Maafkan aku..

"Maafkan aku..m'duakn cintamu.."
pernah x dgr lagu nie??
Mesti pernah, tajuknye Maafkan aku dr Ungu..
hehe..kat sini bkn nak promote lagu 2, cuma..
tiba2 teringat pulak..


I have a friend..
A special precious little friend..
She is 16 years younger than me..
so0 cute n 'light'..i 'love' her..
i bring her anywhere i go..
i can't left her alone coz i might
make her 'cry' by her own..

We eat together..we sleep together..
we study together..we jog together..
she always 'by my side' no matter when..
in my laugh, in my smile, in my cry..
she 'help' me a lot..

But there's time i 'hurt' her..lately, i hurt her often..
Last few days, her 'commitment' towards me declining..
i can see how much she have 'changed'..
she's in 'pain'..so0 much pain..
n she's just 4 years old..

I'm so0 sorry..
i never meant to hurt her..
'they' always ask me 2 'leave' her..i can't!!
i don't know whether she still needs me..
but i still need her, for sure..
i'll do my best 2 be loyal..
till the last 'air' u 'breath'..
cz i like her most~

meet my friend..nokia2630..^_^

p/s: dia kemerengan sket + da kne bandage da pun..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Industrial Training..part 1

My 4th a university student..
Next semester is going 2 be my 2nd last semester..
In between them..during the holiday ( 4 others ),
industrial students ( chem, math n phy ) will experiencing
their industrial training..n i'm one of them!!

1st step..
Kne sediakan resume..
pilih tempat nak apply..
n hantar surat..
(fakulti tolong..)

2nd step..
Wait 4 da company/organization 2 proses..
9t kan ketibaan surat di fakulti atau rumah..
atau mungkin juga email..

Klu diterima: Tahniah!! xyah pening2, risao dah..
Klu xditerima: least tahu xditerima, bley apply lain..
Tp klu xdapat apa2 maklumbalas: Adoyaii..jom calling2, tanya status!!

Saya?? I'm in the third category..
Itulah akibat xcall dlu sebelum apply..

Here's the story about the coward Madihah..
called the place that she applied 4 her industrial training..

Setelah m'dpt tahu xde surat diterima..
Tidak kiralah samada dirumah or difakulti..
Email pun xde..notification FB byk ler..
sy dinasihatkn utk call tmpt yg sy apply 2..
supaya klu nk apply kt tmpt lain plak, xclash..
Ok! saya kena call jugak..
so, dat i won't make things worst later..

Wed; 19jan 2011..
right after marketing class..
sy menggumpulkn seluruh keberanian..
m'cari no2 yg perlu dihubungi..n m'bina ayat
utk digunakan. Both English n Malay!!
Huah..semangat, nk tnjk confident time ckp 9t..

The first call..
4 Meditop Corporation..
After few times trying, no answer..
Huhu..jatuh semangat skit..
Time org berani ni, xdpt plak nk contact..

Proceed 2 da second call..
AOTD ( Advanced Oleochemical Technology Division )
under MPOB..if i'm not mistaken..(i shoudn't, right?)
Ada seorg akak ni angkat..very nice n polite person..
She volunteer herself 2 ask the person-in-charge
about my status..i need 2 wait 4 her 2 call back..
Tggu..tggu..tggu punya tggu..
saya t'tdo..

I went to AOTD..
Good news!! I'm accepted!!
What a relief..then they introduce me 2 someone..
She'll be the one in-charge 2 supervise me..
Right at that time..i was bullied!! LOL..
in front of my friends n other colleagues..
What a lark!

She ask me to do some simple things..
But i mess it all up..i keep forgetting her instructions..
Seriously~ what's wrong with me??
Then i got a phone call..
"Nie Madihah dr UTM td kan??".."ye saya.."
"minta maaf la dik, tiada tmpt utk adik..
kami dh hntr surat, dlm sehari 2 lg, smpailah."

huhu..sengal punya mimpi..

It's not dat i'm to0 dissapointed..
knowing dat i'm not accepted..
but that dream really gives me hope..
+ i've 'fall in love' wif that kakak.., i decided 2 sleep back..

p/s: nxt meditop again, find another place,
call, choose and repeat back step 1 n 2..
All da best rakan2 utk LI kita!! InsyaAllah..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The things I never dream of..

Life is life..
I'm on my way 2 accept how life's work..
Through the journey..I waver a lot..

Nowadays, I think about many things..
Mostly about myself..what had happened to me..
There's time when I want to do something,
say something..something that i've been thinking..
But i didn't take any action n end up forget about it..
It's scary right?? Huh, i'm scared..

Lately, I often forget what i've done before..
4 example..this evening, I solve some sudoku's..
but during dinner when farah ask me about what
i did..i'm totally blank, as if i've done nothing..

Okay, it's enough 4 the introduction..
Introduction?? Too long n not related at all..

Today, i'm 19 years 51 days old..
I realize that there's many things
I never dream of n it's already happened:

Be inside a car, where my friends is driving..
going somewhere far or even to shopping mall together..

I will have my own money and spend it the way i like..

I'll be inside a cinema n karaoke box..

My family will grow bigger n bigger..

Fly to another country..

I can accept sushi..


I know, you too..
I mean..have many things that you never
dream will happened to you..
Because..That's LIFE~

p/s: i can't sleep..@_@

Sunday, January 16, 2011

'Tuntutlah ilmu hingga ke negeri China'

Artikel ni bagi saya inspirasi utk tulis post ni.
Lgpun, bagus saya dah jnji nak wt post
pasal xperience saya masa cuti semester baru ni..

Jemputlah baca artikel 2 ea..
Selepas 2, jom dgr cerita pasal 'Winter in China'
dari Madihah post ea~

p/s: sila lah baca artikel 2..hmm, it make me
think..think..n think..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 2nd Bridge..

I can see a bridge..
right in front of me..
It is a wooden bridge..
once being used..

Today, i can no longer walk on it..
The path towards the bridge; closed..


I still can cross the river..
There's a 2nd bridge..
a bridge made from steel..


There will be a time..
when we can no longer walk
through the path that we usually use..

But, don't ever worry..
there always be another path 4 you 2 walk on..
just it might not be the same as the old one..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Extremely nice people do exist!!

My best buddies, k.tiqah, her bf n I..
went 2 Labis n Batu cars..
Our first destination was
Air Terjun Sg. Bantang Bekok..
SubhanaAllah..I extremely in love with nature..
The smell, the sound, the view..the calmness..
I love everything about it..
It's a pleasure 2 be surrounded by nature~

It's been a while since I went 2 waterfall..
I'm so amaze with Sg. Bantang Bekok's waterfall..
It's quite equipped wif some necessary facilities..
It's also kinda clean n large enough 2 accommodate
a huge amount of people..
And da most important thing's free!!

Our 2
nd destination was BP Mall..
As a 'co-driver'..sorry dat I didn't help much..
I promise dat i'll be da best 'trolley driver' ever..Haha..
We went 2 BP Mall just 4 our lunch n buying gifts..
Some 'buah tangan' 4 tirah's n azizi's host family..

Without futher ado..
We straightly went to Kg. Parit Labis Baru..
(dat's da name..if I'm not mistaken)
where their host families live..
Huh, I can't tell how nice they are..
they welcomed us warmly..
like they already know us n know dat we'll come.. exhilaration galore n I was deeply moved..
I'm gonna miss them badly~ huhu..
I already miss them actually..

Everything thanks 2 tirah..
4 inviting me n also others..
Like ur host father said, "Jgn serik utk dtg lagi ea.."
So, tirah..Jgn serik utk ajak sy lagi ea~

p/s: Ignore my bad english..huhu..
Klu nk bg advice pun xpelah..sil

Thursday, January 6, 2011

[confession] Aku CINTA kamu selamanya..

Ya Allah, aku terlalu mencintainya..
Cintaku terhadapnya terlalu dalam hinggakn aku
tidak sanggup dia melihatku begini..
Aku tidak pernah berani mengungkap cinta..
cintaku kepadanya..
Aku cuma yakin, dia tahu aku mencintainya..

Selama ini aku memerhatikannya..
Aku mahu sentiasa bersamanya..
Aku selesa berada disisinya walaupun dalam diam..
Namun, hari demi hari..aku sering melukainya..
Aku belajar jujur dengan diriku tapi tidak kena pd waktu..
Aku terus bersikap endah tidak endah terhadapnya..
Tidak mempedulikan katanya, hatinya dan

Kini aku pergi..
meninggalkannya seketika..
Namun, hanya jauh dimata..kau tetap dihati..
Aku berharap, kepulanganku nanti membawa
kebahagiaan buat dirinya..

Terima kasih kerana lahir ke dunia..
Terima kasih buatmu, Terima kasih Allah..
Tanpamu, siapalah aku disini..
Owh, Ibu..Aku amat mencintaimu..

The person I love most..^_^
(ichiban suki desu..)

p/s: 05011962 was da day my lovely mom born..
she's 49 today n i'm nearly 20!! Hehe..

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Last Train..never..

Aku pernah berada didalamnya..
Aku juga pernah meninggalkannya..
Jauh, jauh, jauh...pantasku berlari..

Pernah kau melihat keretapi??
Pernahkah kau menaikinya??

Ia meluncur laju kehadapan..
Diatas laluan yang telah t'sedia..
Jalanku..sekitarnya dipenuhi bunga2..
Indah..aku terpesona..

Aku tahu..
Dimana aku harus berada..

Seseorang pernah b'kata kepadaku..
Hidup ini ibarat kereta..
Kita ibarat pemandunya..
Destinasi ada di'hadapan'..
Ada pelbagai jln ke destinasi 2..
dan kitalah yg berhak memilihnya..
Namun, disepanjang p'jalanan ada perhentian..
It's okay 2 stop, but don't take too long..
Coz life must go on..(ape2 jelah)

Apa2pun perumpamaan..
Yang manusia gmbarkn utk kehidupan..
Kereta, keretapi, kopi, air, rama-rama dll..
Asasnya tetap sama..
Itulah kehidupan..

Sesuatu yang Madihah xpernah faham..

p/s: Hehe..xpandai r ayat bunga2 nie..