Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kegembiraan Berganda..

Morning!'s holiday~
more importantly, it's on Wednesday.. a PSM's day..
PSM stands for Projek Sarjana Muda
it's like final year project 4 final year students..
n on that day, my biotech friends n I have to 'work'
in biotech lab from 8 to 5 (if we're lucky enough)..
or 6pm or till night, perhaps..
obviously, it's tiring and stressful..

But it's understandable..
that those rule is for our own benefits..
so we can finish our project earlier,
less stress in the next semester
and graduate happily..with a nice grade,
bcoz we have ample of time to improve
our project, prepare for presentation
and write our final report..

So today, eventhough it's holiday..
still going to the lab but just for few hours..
maybe few minutes..hehe..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Short Note..

Being a child is fun..
But having a childish mind when u're
nearly twenty is burdensome..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Komik Gempak Starz..


Successfully reduced my money..
huhu..beli komik!! 2 plak tu..
Actually, not really feel like buying..
coz still waiting for Maid Maiden Friday..
tapi bila abg tu cakap klu beli 2 dapat
free comic holder..(comic holder ke??)
n ada gambar Maid Maiden..
memanglah nak..hehe..

So, I bought these..

Lawak Pop Gang..

n Ice Cream Baby..

Happy dapat gambar abg kacak ni..
xsabar nak susun komik..
tapi komik byk kat umah dah..

pandangan kiri..

pandangan kanan..

ouh..kanak2 nye saya~

p/s: ngantuk, esok g kilang kelapa sawit..lawatan industri
untuk subjek Environmental Chemistry..

Sunday, October 16, 2011


A best friend's birthday..
her 20th birthday..

On that day, its exactly 2 years n 9 months
of our life in this university..
approximately that long of our friendship too..
knowing her as my neighbor, up to being a roommate..
always being generous by giving me a lot of food..
you're the playful one..

Spending time with all of you..
Fyfa, Bee, Trah n Farah..
among thousands fond memories of my life..
It's always nice and heart warming..

 beautifully arranged banana split..


 mission accomplished..hehe..

Honestly, i'm totally annoyed..
wake me up from my soundless sleep..
but i'm glad, after wake up..
n be a part of the celebration..

I've nothing to give you..
not a billionaire to throw a high class party..
not a lecturer to give you higher marks..
not a singer to sing you a song..also
not a boyfriend to buy you a bear..

I'm just a friend..
someone wishing to be a good one..


There's still a looong way in front..
I don't know how to face it..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Practical Diary - Fellow Colleagues

Last few months,
my journey as practical student in Malaysian Nuclear Agency ends..
but the memories..remains .

I'm the silent one..
Following them wherever they go..

Mereka ni..geng gile2 kt sana..
ramai kn..kn2..

They're super sporting, happening n nice..
eventhough we're from different universities, different ages..
At least, we can cope to each other..

Gambar2 ni..bkn time hari last saya kt Nuklear nie..
tapi ni ala2 goodbye party utk 3 orang kawan dari UMT
yang habis praktikal awal..8minggu je praktikal diorg..

Ni..diorg dari UMT..

Ramai2 berkumpul kt Taman Tasik Cempaka..
exactly right after work..haha..
enjoying our Domino's time..yeeha~
duduk dlm bulatan besar n slide2 pizza..

6 kotak pizza yg yummy~
yg pgg videocam tu, saya!

Its so hard to say goodbye..

Ok, die xnangis pun semenanye..saje je tu..
Goodbye speech punye session..b4 makan..
xketinggalan, sesi bergambar!
especially bile ada kamera besar..hehe..



Antara rmai2 ni, 2 orang je yg satu lab ngan saya..
satu sv..yg 3 n 4 dari kiri, Ieka n Su..
diorang ni da graduate! Cume Su lom Konvo..

Mcm mne bleh ramai sgt kn?
Slalu je ktorg konvoi at least 3 kereta g makan n jalan2..
Pernah paling byk smpai 6 kereta klu xsilap..
Xtau mula dari mna, tapi dari kawan satu kawan satu lab..
ajak2 makan same, jumpe..then jadi kawan..
slalu konvoi2 sampai baik2 cmni..

Walaupun saya kurang berkata apa2..
Or just mcm nyendeng je kt diorg..
Saya sgt happy ^_^

 Memang best, gembira kenal mereka~

p/s: Smoga semua berjaya dialam pekerjaan
dan jumpa lagi..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just because of you..

I never wish 2 grow up fast..
I never thought dat growing up can be this tough..
But I'm okay..yes, I'm okay..

You're da one who teach me to be this strong..
Therefore, I're stronger..
Sorry for unable to be by ur side when u need me..
I promise.. even tough i'm not there..
I'll study hard here..I'll call u often..
I'll always pray for you..

..Love u FOREVER..

Ya Allah..berilah kekuatan buat dirinya..