Sunday, May 20, 2012

He said:

"Learning never ends, student all along,
you are a 'teacher' as times goes by.
You may not know, that you are
inspiring others."

-My precious teacher-

Saturday, May 19, 2012


She's crying..
under the table..

Friday, May 11, 2012


You chose the path..
so don't regret on what you left behind..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's getting near

p/s: WARNING!! Stress overload....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Additional Oxygen Provider


Lesson: Trust, Belief & Change

Dear Friend, 

          These past few days, i've always thinking about the person who i used to be and the person who i am right now. How much i've changed in either positive or negative way..and how much i've learned along the journey. Looking back at times we were together, i realize that..i enter your world with a smile and a big heart. But, at some point..something is missing and i'm just a little tiny mushroom in the middle of nowhere. Hiding myself behind a large dead tree trunk, avoiding reality. That night, the night that we fill in the box with millions of words..i can see a light. Even though i'm not sure where does it comes from, i believe it's there. You're such an inspiration for always giving your best in your work so there's nothing to regret.. Today, i realized that even a tiny mushroom can be bigger than many other creatures and mushrooms can survive almost anywhere..dear my lovely friend, i'm glad to have you by my side. 


p/s: Thank You Allah~

21st of April 2012

Assalamualaikum n hello..
actually da lme nk buat post ini..
lihatlah tarikhnya..dah beralih bulan dah..hehe..

Semenjak masuk semester akhir ni..
sangat2 lah jarang beriadah di petang2 hari..
kebetulan Nabilah aka Bee, ajak joging kt hutan bandar..
Ayuhlah kita bergembira!! Joging ni terapi tau..hehe joging diluar kawasan ni, lagi2
dengan kawan2~ main je lebih..-_-"
Lihatlah ape yg kitorg buat..

Seronok main bubble bubbles~

Bubbleees everywhere~~

gambar dari pandangan orang rabun tanpa kaca mata..

ayuh kita pulang..

Yg last skali tu gmbar sebelum pulang
ke pangkal jalan..yeke?
satu penipuan yg besar disitu..
instead of balik terus, kitorg telah
melencong lebih jauh, jauh n jauh..

Kami tlah merantau ke Jusco Bukit Indah..
dengan cita2 nk mkn di Ichiban Ramen..
Kurang bernasib baik, xde rupanya
Ichiban Ramen kt Bukit Indah..
Dengan hati yg kecewa..
Kami pilih utk makan kt BBQ Chicken..
sbb xpernah makan kt situ..
T'nyata BBQ Chicken tidak menghampakn..

Yummy2 pictures from BBQ Chicken

Prawn Spagetti

Chicken Spagetti

Seafood Spagetti

The most 'yummy'..bbq chicken!

Not to forget,
Bila keluar jalan mlm2 + ada kamera..
light painting pictures is a must!
and here is one of them..

That's all for today..