Monday, May 24, 2010


..22 May 2010..
i woke up kinda early..
muahaha..xtremely excited..
at 9am..Abg Me send me 2 UKM ktm station..
4 da first time..being in a train alone..
b'diri smpai ke kl sntral..

reach Batu 3 at 11am..
met Adha n Nasihah there..
C-ha bring along her sister, Hajar..
Adha drove us 2 Sunway Piramid
by her brother's *** 9902..
[krete ape ntah..adha pown xtau]
c-ha jdi co-driver/assistant..haha..XD

Perghh..after around 6years..
sunway piramid has changed..
i'm confused all da time..=P
it looks more high class now..

met izzati there..
ehem2, her bf send her..
[okay, back 2 da journey]
i spend a lot of time in Popular..
haha..poor them, need 2 wait 4 me..
maaf kawan2..

Syok~ jalan2..
bought weird, irrelevant stuff..
then, lunch at KFC [izzati nk sgt2]..oh NO!!!
[my 6th times in 30days went to fast food restaurant-KFC n McD]
i end up bought crispy popia [from stall]
n a bottle of 'twister' from Giant..

adha very xcited..
wanna captured pictures together..
c-ha bought new camera, yahoo!!..
[buli2 hajar, suro amek gmbr ktorg]..
cian dia..T_T

seriously, dunno what 2 write..
Overall..i'm very happy 2 met them..
even tough da around 3 thn xjmpe..
rse cm biase je ble nmpk diorg..

b4 balik, singgah umah izzati..but i didn't went along..
i gave them incomplete card each b4 i went home..
i slept at 4:30am 2 finish those 3 cards..
[hehe..ntah pape, bg org kad xsiap]
also, sorry cz the card were different 4 each one
of different meaning actually..
i'm just to0 sleepy: can't manage 2
came with cards that looks alike..
[ape2 jelah..]

"pilih2 nk mne satu.." kata madihah kpd shbtnye..

around 4 something..
at tmn dato' harun station..
wanna buy ticket..skali mesin nk sume syiling da..
mne ckup..kaunter plak tutup..Aiyoyo..
puas 'gali' beg dgn hrpn ade la syiling t'selit2..
tp xjmpe..t'pksalah menyeberang smula..
beli keropok lekor utk pecahkn duit..
m'cbr tol..nk bli tiket je~

otw ke rumah..
nothing much..just shocked
coz i saw foreigners that sat in front of me
on my way from jb to kl before..
exactly da same person..
pqah said, "kuat jodoh madi ngan diorg"

Honestly, it's tiring..
spend a few hours inside train..
most of the time, standing..
but yet, it's fun..^_^
hope 2 meet ya again..

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