Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hari yg dinanti dan penuh dgn penantian~

Its 25 of September 2010..

the day that i really waiting 4..
here is a simple 'tentative' of that day..

Morning: Pemasyuran Canselor (Raja Zarith Sofia)
Evening: Jusco Taman U
Night: Danga Bay + Pesta Konvo

and here is the 'full story'

Early in the morning,
i went to KTF's cafe 2 get my breakfast.. breakfast 4 those who attend
majlis pemasyuran canselor..
but nobody's there..(0_o)?? where are they??
i thought i'm the last person bcoz i wake up late..
then ain told me that she have another function
tomorrow n cannot go 2 DSI together with us..
so, she assign me 2 look after the others..
which means, i've 2 wait 4 everyone!!
At DSI, need 2 wait 4 majlis 2 start..
and we have 2 wait till majlis konvo ends..
we're not informed about that..'s kinda boring n tiring..
hmm..klu ada anak Raja Zarith Sofia yg kacak
yg jumpa kt tanjung kapal ari 2, xpe gak..hehe..xde la.
n 4 the 2nd time, dapat salam Raja Zarith Sofia..
sorry bee..

Actually we plan 2 go 2 danga bay after 'Asar..
but i told Farah n Fyfa that something wrong with dslr..
so, we decided 2 go 2 Jusco first n we left earlier..
Alhmdulillah, suddenly the dslr is functioning..
i'm so0 glad..fuhfuhfuh..

[Fyfa n Fara] waiting 4 a taxi..

i'm full..

At jusco, accompany fyfa n fara 'late lunch' at Rasamas..
we met some other friends there, they wanna go 2 danga bay 2..
at around 6pm..we leave Tmn U by bus..

[fyfa, me, mus, kak sal n mira] waiting 4 a bus..

[Danga Bay]
why Danga Bay??
Japan Malaysia Friendship Festival..
a.k.a Bon Odori..
we were so0 excited~~

We played some games using coupon..
n we bought a t-shirt too..

[Fara, the mata kucing]
jaguh pancing belon + game ketuk2 minnie mouse..

hasil tgkpn fara + bee (ikan)..

pilih jgn x pilih...

bee, the photographer..

kawaii~ (^_^)

Before the festival end..
we left earlier bcoz some of them wanna go 2
pesta konvo afterward..again, by bus..
Malang tidak berbau, utk balik ke UTM..
we miss 2 buses..huhu..so0 sad..
we spent around 1 hour waiting 4 another bus..
setibanya di Tmn U, x ada teksi pula..
nasib baik ada pak cik teksi bwk kami2..
naik van..hahaha, van pun van la..
the most imprtant things is we don't have
2 wait any longer..

smpai kat pesta konvo..
athirah n me da xde mood da..
xtremely looks like
just fara n fyfa still
bersmgt waja..

[asilayana n yang] kt pesta konvo..

pusing2 kejap, then kami pun pulang..

[tirah, bee, fara n fyfa] Mina-san, arigatou ne~

p/s: about da pics, 'kami bdk baru belajar'..


  1. hehehe so kawaiii~~ :)

  2. 誰がかわいいですか?

  3. はいとてもかわいい!

  4. kekekkekeke..
    sronok..jom wat lg..hehehe