Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodbye Sarawak, Hi! Melaccca~

Last few months..
I've planned to join a program..
n we are going to Sarawak!!!
4 about 10 days (22dec - 31dec)..

The exact 'gerak kerja' started on 2dec..
n it might end after 10days..
I felt kinda guilty coz i'll not be able to
join the 'gerak kerja' due to some other plan..
huhu..but then, i've also made some mistakes
dat make me felt much much more guilty..

So, i decided to ask whether i belong
to them (Jejak Budaya team)..
I should stay or leave..
n yesterday, I was informed dat
i'm one of the drop-outs..

Hmm..i'm happy??
or am i sad??

Honestly, it must be fun!!
but then, if I reflected back..
I belong to where i'm standing now~
I shuffle back my holiday plan..

There's wisdom in everything dat happened..
Yeayy~ I can join 'Keluarga HAJI OMAR' family day..
in Melacca on 25th n 26th of December..
My family's task is to think about games 4 sukaneka!!
Yeehaa..yehoo..hope everthing will be okay..
sukaneka is an important part on family day, right??
It might be da part where everyone remember most..
Konklusinya, let's think of something adventure n fun!!
It's time 4 my siblings n me 2 brainstorming..
(after abah gave us full responsibility) hehe..

Jya..that's all for now~

p/s: I'm going to Beijing today!!
6 hours to go..^_^

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