Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kisah MASA '10 n '11...

KTF's annual dinner..
MASA (Malam Anugerah Srikandi) 2010
was held on 22 February wif arabian nite theme..
"Night at the Oasis"

mereka n kaktus atas meja..

Me, as ketua 'unit persiapn tmpt'..
spend a lot of time wondering about how 2 decorate DSI
(Dewan Sultan Iskandar)..a big UTM hall..
i never decorate such a huge things before..
i'm very blur about what 2 do from da beginning till da very end..
i'm glad dat my friends n 'ajk's help me..thx guys..
in my opinion, about my job overall was very unstatisfying..
i don't know what actually i've done..haha..
things i like most was 'bintang2 yg b'gntgn kt blah atas 2'
its cute and kinda attractive..da process 2 make it there
was very fussy..again, super-thx 4 those who help..

bintang2..i like~

Gmbr kaktus yg tirah wt kt luar pown amazing..i like it..
tq gk kt kak siti n sal yg hias grbg ngan tangga..sgt comel..
kwn2 lain yg tlg wt backdrop + kain kt pentas..
tolong angkt + susun meja n kerusi dan dll..
trime kasih yg x t'hingga, klu xde korg mmg xsiap r dwn 2..

but a bit disappointed when i didn't gave my best..
i kept worrying t0ooo much..
at last, i've waste a lot of time..n have 2 do
last minute preparation which make my some of my friends n I
don't sleep 4 one night..
not just dat..da backdrop also seems very bad..
da size n during da dinner, some of da alphabet felt..
huhu..shame on me..
but it's okay coz i learn something..

4 da dinner overall, not bad..
i love almost all of da performance..hehe..
other than dat, it's nice 2 see how KTFs stdnt
excited 2 get cactus as gift..brilliant idea..
a bit sad coz xsmpt tgkp gmbr ngan
hiasn2 p'siapn tmpt..
n xdpt cactus pun..

can't wait till da next MASA..hehe..^_^
(this post was written on 3rd March 2010, huhu..)

Here we are again..
MASA 2011..18th March 2011..
It's a Masquerade Party!!

Did i wear a mask??
huhu..of cos not! I'm wearing my 'kaca mata' instead..
much2 more confortable..hehe, xdelah..xsempat nk cri sbnrnye..
ada t'lintas nk wt sendiri tp cm malas..huhu..
best tgk diorg punya mask, macam2..

They served chicken chop..
I love the pudding n the drinks..
not to forget the balloons..
Performance?? Nice!
everything was nicely neat n simple..
good job guys..sorry 4 not helping..huhu..

Overall..i enjoy the night..
It's be able to laugh n smile..
Thank you so much 4 inviting..
I feel like going to a reunion..
Flashing back all of our memories..back in our JKM's life..
with all my JKM's friends, Pn K n Dr anizu..
I'm glad i chose to attend..^_^

p/s: tired..

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