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Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Stage of my final xm..

This semester (nearly) was amazing..
It's kinda different with other semesters..
Gotta think about industrial training n PSM..
Hope everything is gonna be fine n fun..

My coursemate n I; experienced the most unique study week..
study week without a single day without dateline..
assignment, presentation, quiz and even test!!
We should consider all of those as a part of our revision..
so, it won't be a burden, right??

Till today, we've successfully finish 4 papers..
Super-amazing!! We got 3 papers in a row!
I'm glad dat not all of it is a tough paper..
Okay, i believe next 2 semester is going 2 be 'something' too..

Today is my uncle's Kuantan.
I didn't manage to go cz there's many things to do here..
packing, retuning stuff and da most important is STUDY!!
very dissapointing isn't it? It's okay, I will attend the other one..
Sorry paman~ sdeynye xdapat jmpe sepupu2..

That's all 4 today, perhaps..
really need 2 study so i won't regret 2 be here instead of kuantan..
Looking 4ward 2 see the weird me (hardworking madihah)!!
Can i??

p/s: dah besar~

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