Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practical Diary - Week 4 n 5

In research, passion and patience is a must!
Along this journey, i've realize that they must come together..
w/o both or even one of it..ur research won't work..
but it's not easy to have both..or maintain it..

Week 1 - Passion
Week 2 - Passion n Patience
Week 3 - Passion n Patience
Week 4 - Patience
Week 5 - None of them

Day by day..
my passion towards my project decline..
same goes to my patience..huhu.

I dream of a chance for site-work..
sitting in front of ur laptop everyday..
reading n searching..left inside the lab alone..
Doing the same things again n again..
No excitement at all..

Already started with my slide..
A tiny preparation for presentation..
bcoz of the presentation, i don't feel like finishing my
industrial training..but i can't run away 4 sure~

p/s: I wonder how am i going to be a researcher..

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