Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lesson: Trust, Belief & Change

Dear Friend, 

          These past few days, i've always thinking about the person who i used to be and the person who i am right now. How much i've changed in either positive or negative way..and how much i've learned along the journey. Looking back at times we were together, i realize that..i enter your world with a smile and a big heart. But, at some point..something is missing and i'm just a little tiny mushroom in the middle of nowhere. Hiding myself behind a large dead tree trunk, avoiding reality. That night, the night that we fill in the box with millions of words..i can see a light. Even though i'm not sure where does it comes from, i believe it's there. You're such an inspiration for always giving your best in your work so there's nothing to regret.. Today, i realized that even a tiny mushroom can be bigger than many other creatures and mushrooms can survive almost anywhere..dear my lovely friend, i'm glad to have you by my side. 


p/s: Thank You Allah~

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