Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's them...

I just watch few episodes of..
The Return of Superman..
a korean variety show about daddies who take care of their children(s)..
Some only have a daughter..some have sons..
Love to see how the kids grow and their parents as well..
How they teach their kids about life..
How they care about their kids more than their own life..

Its amazing how a life can be living inside someone's tummy..
Its amazing how only parents can easily comfort their own kids..
Hurting their children..will hurt themselves too..
Allah has created us this way..
Am I gonna experience the same?

Abah and Ibu must feel the same..
Abah and Ibu must did the same..
Abah and Ibu must go through the same..

One of the things that I always pray to Allah is..
to be able to experience all of those while Abah and Ibu are still here..
No one  knows what our future holds..
But one thing that I'm really sure..
Allah is the best planner..

p/s: Jom sama2 doa supaya kita sama2 jadi yang terbaik
 untuk kedua ibu bapa kita..tak kira dimana mereka berada, walau siapa pun mereka..

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