Sunday, July 11, 2010

~Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa~

26 June 2010
register 2 be a part of crew 4
'Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa'
a.k.a MTM [new name 4 MHS]
we stay at KTDI, one n8..
left 2 PD the next day..

27-29 June 2010
we stay at Tiara Beach Resort..
pergh, a very nice resort..
happy3..but, yg xbestnye..
far from da beach..a bit dissapointed..
huhu..when 2 PD but didn't hv an
opportunity 2 go 2 da beach..

I'm very impressed 2 see how
'berkaliber' other crews are..
[tabik hormat]..

then, we've been divided into 10 groups..
I'm in group 7..gotta luv that number..
hehe..2gether wif ranjeni, yatt n qila..
the other members dat i still rmmber

a) Zaki Omar
b) Kak Aqila
c) Afiqah
d) Fazni
e) Kak Fathiyah..kot..
f) Syah Izat
g) Abg Hafizul
h) Hafiz
i) Amirul
j) Khairul

daaa..can't remember all,
ade 2 chinese guys, 2 more malay
guys n 2 more akak..huhu..
but, i can still recognize their face..

My Group..^_^

[qila, yatt n ranjeni] 3 from the front..

very funny how serious our group is..
creating group name n 'logo' 4 branding..
n bla bla..while other groups were playing
around..so0 cute~

but then, its a new experience i've a serious discussion look like..
how a representative students think..
how they act and others..
really interesting..

serious discussion??..LOL

i luv our group 'logo'..
very nice n gotta luv group 8's 'logo' 2..
in the evening of da first day, enjoy
watching some of ktf's crews swimming..
[hmm..swimming ka??, b'mandi-manda di kolam]
captured lots of picto0..

Our group logo n Mr. Presdnt..

Group 8's logo..

2nd day's evening, got 'senamrobik' cmpetition..
create own group moves 4 da given song..
haha..so0 funny, lots of unique movements..XD
da most unbelievable things is dat our group
won da first place..hahaha..smgt2..
maybe bcoz of da instructor..

29,30 June till 1 July 2010

after PD, KTDI again..
tones of taklimat n s0 0n..
27 crews from KTF need 2 be reduced 2 15 only..
coz some of other colleges lack of crews..
13 serikandi have 2 go..huhuhu..
b'khidmat in the other colleges..

5 KTF's crews --> K9
3 KTF's crews --> KDSE
3 KTF's crews --> KTHO

and i'm one of da crews who volunteer 2 leave..
not bcoz i wanna leave KTF..but i wanna
experience how other organization works..
n i wanna let some of non-JKM's KTF member stay..
pity them if all of da KTF's crew is JKM..
seems unfair, perhaps..

p/s: story about my life as
KTHO's crews is on my next post...

ja, 4 today..see ya later!!

the right most hand dat hold black pencil is mine..
look at my drawing of myself using left hand
(even though at dis moment i'm holding dat pencil using my right hand coz i'm already finish it)
kinda funny..(hmm..xbrape jelas)