Sunday, July 11, 2010

Short while in KTHO...

..Crew MTM KTHO..
first time met them, a bit nervous..
dunno what unit suits me well..
at last, i chose 'unit pengangkutan'..

at first, everything seems slow..
Athirah n me talk less..
hmm..just wait n see as we hv
no experience n we r not from KTHO..
it goes da same 2 kak Hui Min..
[just wait..n see..]

1st July 2010
arrive at KTHO after isya'
meeting wif ktho's pengetua, felos n etc...
they welcome us so0 well..tq..
nervous sblm nie dah b'kurang..

2nd July 2010
Our real, heavy works started..
need 2 set up a place 4 'pndftrn' n so on..
angkat2 meja, kerusi..susun cenderamata dll..
bley tahan letih..huhu..

that night, got simulation..
don't hv any idea how does it looks like..
but after that, hahahahaha...XD
Dr. Lan [pengetua KTHO] was xtremely funny!!
same goes 2 their felos' n pmbntu felos'...

3rd July 2010
..the day of registration..
Syerwan said, it's da most tiring day 4 da
whole MTM week..hmm, i guess so..

during that day, i help unit kewangan
at kaunter bendahari..money3..$$$$$
hehe..actually, xde pown..
i just help them 2 collect payment slip n
1 form named 'borang akuan pmbyrn melalui bank'
hmm..letih b'diri n b'cakap je la..

that evening, need 2 rearrange the hall..
arrange the tables n chairs 4 'mahasiswa baru'..
tmpt diorg makan during this MTM..

4th July 2010
..registration day 4 some other colleges..
some of KTHO's crew need 2 help KTR's crew..
n me..went to Senai Airport utk jmput
'mahasiswa baru' from Sabah n Sarawak..
first time went to Senai Airport..
ulang-alik from UTM to Senai three times..
8.30am, 12.10pm and 5.00pm..

that night, 't'bungkang' dlm bilik..very very tired..
as a result, i skipped 1 meeting wif new stdnt..

same day, other crews brought new stdnt
to Balai Cerap..of course, they're tired to0..

5-9 July 2010
hmm..byk sgt la utk diceritakan..
to compare wif last year nye MHS,
dr segi ombak or sorakan, last year much2 better..
maybe bcoz of, cheers were strictly banned this year
and also less students this year..

but what's obviously best this year
was Malam Citra Seni..[ape ntah nme die sbnrnye]
all of the performances were interesting..

10 July 2010
Sport's Carnival at 10th july was amazing..
congratz 2 those who excel n congratz 2 4 those
who don't..keep up ur good work..
a very big congratz 2 'tarik tali' team..
all of you are very strong..
love 2 see how everyone eagerly
scream n shout..2gether wif KTHO's 'jidor..


To0 many things happened..
glad to n0e new civil engineering students..
as ajk pengangkutan', sorry that KTHO's
students need 2 walk to MSI, DSI n N24
everyday during MTM..

i'm happy to see how ur face shines
when i informed each n everyone of u dat
we'll going somewhere by bus..^_^

thanks 4 being patient
wif everything..crews, programs etc..
hope u enjoy ur MTM..especially wif us..

4 PPA, Dr. Lan n others..
thanks a lot..

n 4 KTHO's crews:
  • Faerdaus [KO]
  • Ikmal
  • Amirul
  • Farouk
  • Najib
  • Ling
  • Nazrin
  • K. Suhaila
  • K. Andi
  • K. Zana
  • K. Ain
  • Hui Min
  • Athirah
Thanks a lot 4 helping n get along very well..
Sorry if i've done any mistakes..
MTM: one of the nicest memories in my
entire life~~

p/s: miss ya..

KTHO's 'book', closed..