Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Saksi Yang Terpuji..

I love what i see..
hmm, it suits my name well..

Since childhood, I learned a lot through what I see..
if I do not know how to do something..
I will look at others to see how did they do it.
I'll not ask nor seek for help unless I'm desperate.
Keep my mouth shut and copycat others action was what I prefer.
I learned based on what happened to the people around me,
what they experience and how they faced it.
Hoping that i can encounter my problem
that nearly the same like others faced.

But since i enter UTM,
I've started to realize how far I was left behind
I always became others 'shadow'..
If I continue my life like that, I will not survive..

Alhamdulillah..I am so glad..
really really glad that along this way,
I've met lots of wonderful person.
A person that teach me how to stand, how to talk,
how to laugh, how to cry with all i might.
A person that leads me to know much much more 'wonderful' person.
A person that never give up in me.

ibu ngan abah kt dublin

Ibu n Abah who always give support
and believe in me; no matter what.
Give your all to raise me all up
and patient with my behaviour..

gambar dlu2..hehe

My lovely sister teach me lots of things..
giving advice, show a good example
and always care..
My brothers enlighten my day n lots more..

[Norhanisah Mansur]
I never thought we can be that close
You teach me that life is not as simple as i've go through.
I still have a very very long journey, many challenges to face..
It still hard to believe why you love me so much.
I am sorry; i can't be as nice as you are.
Even though, i rarely contact you
i want you to know that you will always in my heart.

kami di Seremban

[Wan Athirah, Nabilah Najib, Nurafifah, Farrahin n Nurain Jalil]
I love every single time we are together.
I love how everyone want me to be independent.
Now, we are getting far to each other in terms of our room.
But I hope our heart will always together.
I want to laugh together and cry together.
[tirah] since mtm, i dont know why i always want to be by your side.
[bee] i want to sleep with 'penyet' every night!! fuhfuhfuh..
n make crazy last minute decisions again..
[fyfa] i need you 2 wake me up every morning n ask me to work fast..huhu..
[fara] wanna chat excitedly with you about japanese more..
n want more dramas..hikhik..
[ain] miss the time we spent together, six of us..

I cannot imagine my life now without each n everyone of you..
Thanks 4 always be by my side..
Keep supporting me, ne..