Sunday, October 16, 2011


A best friend's birthday..
her 20th birthday..

On that day, its exactly 2 years n 9 months
of our life in this university..
approximately that long of our friendship too..
knowing her as my neighbor, up to being a roommate..
always being generous by giving me a lot of food..
you're the playful one..

Spending time with all of you..
Fyfa, Bee, Trah n Farah..
among thousands fond memories of my life..
It's always nice and heart warming..

 beautifully arranged banana split..


 mission accomplished..hehe..

Honestly, i'm totally annoyed..
wake me up from my soundless sleep..
but i'm glad, after wake up..
n be a part of the celebration..

I've nothing to give you..
not a billionaire to throw a high class party..
not a lecturer to give you higher marks..
not a singer to sing you a song..also
not a boyfriend to buy you a bear..

I'm just a friend..
someone wishing to be a good one..


  1. Sometimes, just being there as a good friend is enough :)

    Btw, yummynye banana split tu! hehe.

  2. bee: apa khabar blog awak?
    ain ssb: thx follow..terharu..^_^
    kak asmara: hehe..arigatou~