Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Looking Back~

I was looking back..
to a place that I can remember..
from the furthest one till the nearest..
I'm just looking not walking back..
I won't because I can't..

oldest pic i can find in my laptop..21dec2008
I didn't change much, didn't I?
haha..i'm searching for something, i guess..

I've realized how much i've actually grown..
Those important moments in my life that I should remember
to stay strong and confident about myself..
I've realized how much i've lost..
those important things that I shouldn't..
which give me strength for me to get that back again..

I will..this time I will..
I really will..
Pray for me..
I will be a real better person for myself
and for others..

*Ya Allah, tetapkanlah keazamanku ini*

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