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Monday, December 3, 2012

UTM forever..

Awesome days with best friends
before our graduation day..
last moment together in the place that
connect our hearts..
I'll treasure it well~ ^^

Sesi photoshoot
(Industrial chem buddies):

It's hard to believe that i've come this far..
Thanks ibu n abah for everything..
especially during my final year in UTM..
(contact you just for money..
rarely home etc..)
I love you so so soo much..
even though i'm not a first class graduate
or didn't graduate with a cool degree course
both of you are still proud of me~

Proudest UTM Alumni..
Ibu n Abah!!

My favourite colour!! Ibu sure knows me well~
To my best friends..
'You are my Zing!!'
It's so much fun dapat spent time ngan korang..
Can't wait to meet again~
Cepat!! Sape nak kawen dulu..hihi

All the best for everyone~
Congrats and keep in touch yeee..

 Mengharap ada banyak lagi gmbar
bersama Farah n Ain~
Anyway..rindu korang!!

p/s: Doakan yg terbaik buat masa depan..

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