Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The things I never dream of..

Life is life..
I'm on my way 2 accept how life's work..
Through the journey..I waver a lot..

Nowadays, I think about many things..
Mostly about myself..what had happened to me..
There's time when I want to do something,
say something..something that i've been thinking..
But i didn't take any action n end up forget about it..
It's scary right?? Huh, i'm scared..

Lately, I often forget what i've done before..
4 example..this evening, I solve some sudoku's..
but during dinner when farah ask me about what
i did..i'm totally blank, as if i've done nothing..

Okay, it's enough 4 the introduction..
Introduction?? Too long n not related at all..

Today, i'm 19 years 51 days old..
I realize that there's many things
I never dream of n it's already happened:

Be inside a car, where my friends is driving..
going somewhere far or even to shopping mall together..

I will have my own money and spend it the way i like..

I'll be inside a cinema n karaoke box..

My family will grow bigger n bigger..

Fly to another country..

I can accept sushi..


I know, you too..
I mean..have many things that you never
dream will happened to you..
Because..That's LIFE~

p/s: i can't sleep..@_@

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