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Friday, January 21, 2011

Industrial Training..part 1

My 4th a university student..
Next semester is going 2 be my 2nd last semester..
In between them..during the holiday ( 4 others ),
industrial students ( chem, math n phy ) will experiencing
their industrial training..n i'm one of them!!

1st step..
Kne sediakan resume..
pilih tempat nak apply..
n hantar surat..
(fakulti tolong..)

2nd step..
Wait 4 da company/organization 2 proses..
9t kan ketibaan surat di fakulti atau rumah..
atau mungkin juga email..

Klu diterima: Tahniah!! xyah pening2, risao dah..
Klu xditerima: least tahu xditerima, bley apply lain..
Tp klu xdapat apa2 maklumbalas: Adoyaii..jom calling2, tanya status!!

Saya?? I'm in the third category..
Itulah akibat xcall dlu sebelum apply..

Here's the story about the coward Madihah..
called the place that she applied 4 her industrial training..

Setelah m'dpt tahu xde surat diterima..
Tidak kiralah samada dirumah or difakulti..
Email pun xde..notification FB byk ler..
sy dinasihatkn utk call tmpt yg sy apply 2..
supaya klu nk apply kt tmpt lain plak, xclash..
Ok! saya kena call jugak..
so, dat i won't make things worst later..

Wed; 19jan 2011..
right after marketing class..
sy menggumpulkn seluruh keberanian..
m'cari no2 yg perlu dihubungi..n m'bina ayat
utk digunakan. Both English n Malay!!
Huah..semangat, nk tnjk confident time ckp 9t..

The first call..
4 Meditop Corporation..
After few times trying, no answer..
Huhu..jatuh semangat skit..
Time org berani ni, xdpt plak nk contact..

Proceed 2 da second call..
AOTD ( Advanced Oleochemical Technology Division )
under MPOB..if i'm not mistaken..(i shoudn't, right?)
Ada seorg akak ni angkat..very nice n polite person..
She volunteer herself 2 ask the person-in-charge
about my status..i need 2 wait 4 her 2 call back..
Tggu..tggu..tggu punya tggu..
saya t'tdo..

I went to AOTD..
Good news!! I'm accepted!!
What a relief..then they introduce me 2 someone..
She'll be the one in-charge 2 supervise me..
Right at that time..i was bullied!! LOL..
in front of my friends n other colleagues..
What a lark!

She ask me to do some simple things..
But i mess it all up..i keep forgetting her instructions..
Seriously~ what's wrong with me??
Then i got a phone call..
"Nie Madihah dr UTM td kan??".."ye saya.."
"minta maaf la dik, tiada tmpt utk adik..
kami dh hntr surat, dlm sehari 2 lg, smpailah."

huhu..sengal punya mimpi..

It's not dat i'm to0 dissapointed..
knowing dat i'm not accepted..
but that dream really gives me hope..
+ i've 'fall in love' wif that kakak.., i decided 2 sleep back..

p/s: nxt meditop again, find another place,
call, choose and repeat back step 1 n 2..
All da best rakan2 utk LI kita!! InsyaAllah..


  1. all the best jugak! huhu...kite pun tak dapat...

  2. huhu..insyaAllah utk fasa 2 ni boleh dpt plak..