Sunday, January 9, 2011

Extremely nice people do exist!!

My best buddies, k.tiqah, her bf n I..
went 2 Labis n Batu cars..
Our first destination was
Air Terjun Sg. Bantang Bekok..
SubhanaAllah..I extremely in love with nature..
The smell, the sound, the view..the calmness..
I love everything about it..
It's a pleasure 2 be surrounded by nature~

It's been a while since I went 2 waterfall..
I'm so amaze with Sg. Bantang Bekok's waterfall..
It's quite equipped wif some necessary facilities..
It's also kinda clean n large enough 2 accommodate
a huge amount of people..
And da most important thing's free!!

Our 2
nd destination was BP Mall..
As a 'co-driver'..sorry dat I didn't help much..
I promise dat i'll be da best 'trolley driver' ever..Haha..
We went 2 BP Mall just 4 our lunch n buying gifts..
Some 'buah tangan' 4 tirah's n azizi's host family..

Without futher ado..
We straightly went to Kg. Parit Labis Baru..
(dat's da name..if I'm not mistaken)
where their host families live..
Huh, I can't tell how nice they are..
they welcomed us warmly..
like they already know us n know dat we'll come.. exhilaration galore n I was deeply moved..
I'm gonna miss them badly~ huhu..
I already miss them actually..

Everything thanks 2 tirah..
4 inviting me n also others..
Like ur host father said, "Jgn serik utk dtg lagi ea.."
So, tirah..Jgn serik utk ajak sy lagi ea~

p/s: Ignore my bad english..huhu..
Klu nk bg advice pun xpelah..sil


  1. kg. parit lapis baru...
    bkan labis la mad..heheheh
    tula...miss that family sooooo muccchhh..
    da lame nak blik sne tp xbkesempatan..
    laen kali nak stay kat ctu...hohohoho..
    bley blaja wat kerepek, pisang salai, tlinga keling...

  2. n lagi stu family angkat azizi je tau dye nak dtg..
    family angkt kt xtau pun kt nk dtg..
    bg surprise sket...nseb baek de kat umah..hahah

  3. 0oo..lapis ea? Alamak, wat malu je~
    Nk ikot..nk ikot!!