Saturday, February 26, 2011

Industrial Training...part 3

Alhamdulillah.. last, i got it!!

To my coursemates..
whom still struggling to get place 4 LI..
Ganbatte ne!! Don't give-up..

This last 2 weeks..
was a challenging weeks 4 my mind n heart..
nothing goes right..n it seems the same 4 others too..
Everyone hv problems with their phone, relationship
n problems with some services..what a pain..

Kwn sy kne marah..
dia minta tlg, dimarahi..
xlogikkn?? bukan minta tlg apa pun..
sekurang-kurangnya, terangknlah baik2..
dahla org tgh dalam keadaan xstabil..
huhu..sdey tol..

Let's learn sumthing from it..
Hopefully, we won't be one of them..

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