Thursday, February 10, 2011


Did u ever believe in something? believe in someone?
Of course u do..i know, no one can run away from it..
If not, how can you just save your money in bank?
how can you believe food that u eat everyday safe
enough to be eaten while others cook it,
ha? ha? ha?..n 4 thousands of other things too..

Lately, there's some 'eye-catching' issues
related to belief or believing others passing
by my life..

What if you've believe in someone so much..then they 'betray' you?
What if you've try so hard to believe in someone..suddenly they break it?
What if you believe in someone but suddenly you waver about it?
What should you do? What should we do?

It's extremely frustrating when someone we believe lie to us..
it's so heartbreaking, kinda irritating..
When you're in shocked, u can't even cry..speechless..
it's like your feet were screwed to the floor..
something hammering you heart..n there's nothing in your head.
Is it true? Really?

Let's do our best not to let others who believe in us experience it..
I've heard a lot..'Believe in urself first b4 u believe in others..'

p/s: Learn 2 believe in me! Yes, I can DO it!! I BELIEVE!!

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