Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Watashi no Tomodachi..

Sorry, i can't really remember our first meeting..
how we met n how we become friends, best friend i guess..
We are not very close to each other..I mean,
you have someone closer compare to me..
but something I'm very sure is that
we do have a similarity..

When something goes wrong..
things that pass through our mind is..
"Let's have a walk, jog or run.."
The satisfaction after reach targeted destination can't be described..
The ability to jog till then end do motivate..
no matter how tired u're, u hv to finish it!
no matter how far the destination still is,
u have to reach it!
If you're exhausted, it's okay to just walk..
It goes the same 4 our life, agree??

4 me..even though I've go 4 a walk, jog or run..
i will definitely still cry after that cz i clearly realize the fact that:
'How calming the path is, how far you jog, how fast you run..
you'll still have to face the problems/the challenge..

u cannot run away from it'

Anyway, mina-san..
let's run towards success, let's run together..
never leave me behind, i'll nvr leave you..insyaallah..
If i fall n scratch my knee..hold my hand n lift me up..
or give encouragement, it's more than enough..

I don't know how 2 make a promise..
coz i might break it..But as i said,

" If 1 day u feel like crying, call me..
I dun promise dat i'll make u laugh, but i cn cry with u.
If 1 day u wanna run away, dun b afraid 2 call me..
I dun promise 2 ask u 2 stop, but i cn run wif u.
If 1 day u dun wanna listen 2 anyone, call me..
I'll be there 4 u, n I promise 2 be very quiet....."

That's the things that i can promise,
insyaAllah i'll do my best!cz all of those are my profession..haha..
i can easily cry, i love run n i can be a very quiet person..

n never forget, i need u to0..

".....But if 1 day u call me n there's no answer,
come fast 2 see me..Perhaps, i need YOU! "

p/s: rambling tgh2 mlm..=p

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