Sunday, May 15, 2011

Practical Diary - Prediary

Tomorrow is 16th May..
I've always waiting 4 this date every single year..
The day when i'll express my gratitude towards
my teacher's and my lovely mother..
(i'm always glad, dat day just a day 2 express it..hehe, time 2 je brani nk luahkn)

But this year, it's gonna be different..
Yes, it's's not dat i'll change my annual routine,
it's just..i think more about my industrial training..
my coursemates n i is gonna start our practical
tomorrow..(some of them on 18th)..

Okay, honestly..i'm super-nervous..
not enough..super-ultra-hyper nervous..
hmm..but just act cool 2 reduce it..
seriously no idea how tomorrow looks like..
how this 2months will be..

To all my friends..
All da best!! Ganbarimasyou~

p/s: biggest wonder - what bag should i bring??
n what should i put inside??