Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things You Didn't Know About Sleep..probably.

1. We can only dream about faces we have already seen,
whether we actively remember them or not!

2. Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream
generally have personality disorders.

3. Sleep positions may determine ur personality..


4. Longest sleeping mammals is koalas: 22 hours a day
n shortest sleeping mammals is giraffes: 1.9 hours a day
(in 5-10minutes sessions)

5. When dolphins sleep, only half of their brain shuts down.
The other half stays awake to help with breathing cycles.

6. Blind people can still see images in dreams.
(Born blind are exceptional)

7. Within 5 minutes of waking up, 50% of your dream is
forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone..

p/s: xtau btol x..yg best no. 4! Time xm2 nie..
mesti rmai yg berubah m'jadi zirafah kan??

[Google~] Comelkn sy??


  1. hehehhe... cute.. cute...cute!!! miss u sis.. best of luck..~~

  2. hahahaha...
    sdara mad eik???heheh.:P

  3. mne ade, sy tdo lme tau..tp adela bau2 bacang..