Monday, May 16, 2011

Practical Diary - Day 1

Berjaya dah m'harungi hari pertama,,
hehe..macam2 citer dgr dr kawan2 lain..
ade yg best, ade yg sedikit bosan dll..

not bad..
but my supervisor is on leave..
kinda boring..
but i met lots of new friends..

there's time
i thought dat i'm not belong 2 this field..
this is really not me..
then, on da way back home..
abah gave an advice, something 2 lift my
spirit on starting my very own research..
he make me realize how interesting
a research is..
knowledge in science is a wonder~~

p/s: there's a looooong more way to go..


  1. Iah dear,

    There is a lot of time, I look back and wish a lot of things...
    Wish that I take another route... why this is so hard and cant imagine me doing that for years and years to come.
    Yet I went pass that phase, and later feel that Im glad Im doing this... This is wonderful. This will help touch many lives.

    We are meant to be what we are meant to be... where we are now, is for the best. I have many inspirations in my future... Im molding my dreams, based on where I stand now. I cant go back 7-8 years and change who I am now... but what I do now will affect my future.

    That said... the decision is ours. sometimes... we have to be brave to make decision... other times, we have to be thankful, and just do our best!