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Saturday, November 27, 2010

18 years have passed..

Hah..i'm 19 already..
This is the first year i'm not at home..
I've been waiting of this day since i realize it..
Bcoz it's a new experience clbrating my own
birthday with my friends..i wanna know
how does it feels..

They cooked fried rice, fried kangkung
and 'sosej goreng capcicum'..resepi baru..
we have a picnic under a cute little pondok
beside farah's room..menikmati kegelapan mlm..
I got the smallest cake ever!! It's cocopie~
thanks 2 it's size, it fits my stomach well coz i'm full..
Then, they asked me 2 search 4 my present inside
farah's room..adoyaii, main treasure hunt plak..

Right after i get out from farah's block..
I saw them hiding behind da door..
Suddenly, i screamed..aaaaa!!! Sje je..
Masing2 t'cengang..LOL..
I saw a pail..So, I ran with all i might..
Owh tidak!! air apakah itu..??
I enjoyed chasing each other so0 much!!
I'm wet n stinks!! b'tambah bju kne basuh..huhu..
Anyway, thanks a lot..thx 4 da cute ice-cream cup~

With dat, i totally forgot 2 contact my family..
Extremely sorry~ lepas kne simbah tros kne m'basuh..
sampai lupa..hehe..ibu yg start hntr mesej, segan je..

'Just nice'..huhu, on 28th of November
I spend on whole day alone inside my room..
Study, study, study 4 da very last paper..
Symmetry n ker??
Seriously, i didn't study at all! I didn't lie..
Staring at da same page 4 one whole day,
hmm..dunno how 2 answer tomorrow's paper!!
My heart; no longer here~


Now, speech of 19 years old Madihah..

Extremely thanks to my lovely parent..
Naemah Ismail n Zaidun Omar..
For this 18 years..that's amazing..

Because of both you, i'm here..
Raising me, take good care of me..
buy clothes 4 me, feed me..
Support me n Believe in me..
When i'm sick, stay up all night..
Worry about me..

Thanks 4 a wonderful family..
Thank you 4 every single things!!
May Allah bless you~
(there's a lot 2 say till dunno wat 2 say)

4 all my friends..
thank you so much to0..
those 100++ dat wish on Facebook..
i'm really excited dat i respond 4 everyone's post..
wink3..suka buang masa..haiisshh..
n da first person who wish me through da phone..
Nurain Abd Jalil, thx 4 da message..

That's all..xlarat nk pikir dh..
If i'm rajin enough, i'll make other post
about my wish..n others..later..

p/s: nk post cntik2 pun xlarat..huhu
lupa nk mention konyaku jelly!
blaja dr pong!!

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