Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm having a hiccup now..
it reminds me of Moon Jae-sin
from Sungkyunkwan Scandal drama..
so0 cute~ ^_^
[he will hiccup when he saw Kim Yun-hee]

Sungkhunkwan Scandal..

caricature of Moo Jae-sin

Okay, back 2 da topic..
I wonder why i'm 'hiccuping'..
why human hiccup or hiccough..
So, it's google time..

Wikipedia state dat..
Hiccup is a contraction of the diaphragm
that repeats several times per minute.
In humans, the abrupt rush of air into the lungs causes
the epiglottis to close, creating a "hic" sound.

I wanna know why i'ts happened to me..
i continue my reading..lalalalala..
jang, i found this!!

Just a few minutes ago..i ate breads.
Dry breads?? I think da breads dat i ate
can be considered as dry breads..lol..

Yeay, i've found what i wanna know..

p/s: is it true dat hiccup can be reduced
by drink some water???


  1. mad..
    itu kamu nak membesar larhhh..
    hahahahahaa harap2 meninggi yeaa.. jgn melebarr :DD

  2. haha..XD
    kejam je farah..
    hmm, yup2 hrp2 yg dpt menambah ketinggian..