Tuesday, November 16, 2010


[watashi no namae wa puku desu..

During my study week..
juz a few days before my 3rd semester final examination,
i got some headache..huhu..study, study n study..
i end up watching videos on you tube..
what videos?? hahaha..

It's a videos about how 2 make a plushie..
your own handmade plushie..kind of..
the idea comes from a TV programme i've watched
at home..not really programme, documentary i guess..
documentary about Nami Island in Korea..
in dat documentary, i'm interested in
a handmade cute owl..made from pieces of cloth..

So, i started to rummage some boxes at home..
looking 4 any suitable old t-shirts to make my own plushie..
There lots of old t-shirts to be use..yeeha!!
It's a lot of fun but tiring..of course..
I choose an unsuitable fabrics..
When u fold it, it's too thick to sew..it's hurt..

Although it slightly hurt my thumb..
I'm xtremely statisfied..
I wanna make a lot!!

p/s: why suddenly cannot move dat picto0??

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