Thursday, November 11, 2010

What was i'm looking for..

When i was a young girl..
Hehe..not really, few years ago..
when i was 13++..i'm having a huge trouble
2 write my own i/c number when i've 2 fill any form..

It's just triple 'one'..9111 n blablabla..
I always make a mistakes by adding more 'one'
or only write two 'one' a solution, i need 2 count
everytime i write my i/c no..even until now!! Haha..

Since dat, i'm looking 4 whom
who born on 11th of November 1991..
because they need to write 5 'one'!!!..911111-**-****
If they were born in Terengganu, it'll be 911111-11-****
Waaahh..a lot lot more 'one'..=0

Today, 11th of November 2010..
I've found 4 of them..but no one from T'ganu, i guess..
Anyway..happy birthday 4 all of you!! ^_^


p/s: looking 4ward 4 their next year birthday..
[11.11.11] n they will turn 20!!

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